Good food, no motivation

Once a month we’re required to attend this motivational seminar held by Awang Jusoh. The event was held at Residence inside Uniten.

I’m not really into this seminars thing but my boss made everybody go anyway last weekend.

If you've never heard of Mr. Awang Jusoh, so do I! But he somehow manages to persuade my boss to pay him a few thousand ringgit to motivate us, that's something.

Anyone who came late we’re made to sing up front and totally embarrass themselves.

It’s a sheer waste of time really. It took them 5 minutes just to come out up front and another 10 minutes to get them to sing one measly line.

The two Rizals, they’re quite close with each other ahem,ahem.

I didn’t know it was take your twin to motivational seminar day! From left: Hanum, Ipah, KJ, Nik, JK, Hapi and Munah.

The seminar started at 8:30 and we break for tea at around 10:30.

Speaking of which, food was the main reason why we all came along in the first place. The buffet lunch was absolutely fabulous.

We ate at the café overlooking a lake complete with a live band performing in the background.

I had the (un)fortunate chance to sit at the same table with Mr. Awang himself. We had a very lively conversation with him during lunch (yeah right).

Acha won first prize for eating the most that day. There he was with his eleventh helping. Okay I ate a lot too but I try to sample a little bit of everything.

One for the album.

Obviously somebody ate too much and fall asleep at the back. But it’s okay, Mr. Awang Jusoh just close one eye and go on with the seminar.

That dude with the cap is so creepy man, I hope he doesn’t go Brokeback on me anytime soon..”

Who’s big and pregnant but still very adorable and cute?”

Me! Me!”

Whoa, this dude is fat and what’s with the hair man?

Abang Din finally gets his chance to sing Ayam den lapeh..

Overall I think this seminar is almost a total waste of money. You know what will really motivate us?

1. A raise

2. A bonus

3. A nice picnic somewhere

4. A much nicer errr management

Motivational seminars is definitely NOT one of them.

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