Fun times at Alamanda

I don't know what's got into him but The Boss asks us all to join him bowling at Alamanda last Saturday (after the motivational seminar).

I wasn't sure of going at first since it's been a long day at the seminar and Linda just came back from doing her overtime on her birthday, in the end we went there anyway.

After having dinner at the food court we straight to Power Bowl downstairs. FYI, I last went bowling around 4 years ago and I'm pretty sure I'd be a laughing stock in there.

To our surprise we were the first to arrive there and I was greeted by The Boss himself. Nobody else was in sight and I thought maybe the others weren't coming and I'll be stuck playing with The Boss all night long!

Thankfully, about half of the staffs showed up for the night and we knocked ourselves out with free-flowing bowling courtesy of The Boss. We've got like 4 lanes reserved for us that night.

I played along with Chip and her boyfriend, Hanum, KJ and Dina (the practical girl). I must say Chip must be bowling a lot before this cause she consistently got the highest marks while Hanum, well let's just say she likes to aim for the gutter :)

I did terribly too for the first two games before improving tremendously on the third game. If I'd stayed longer, I'd kick everybody's ass that night he he. Too bad Adam was getting very sleepy by then and we had to retire early, *sigh*.

Anyway, we had a whole load of fun that night at Power Bowl, Alamanda. That was the first time I saw The Boss so relaxed and he even mingles around freely with everyone there (which is a rare sight I tell you). That beats any motivational seminars if you ask me. We definitely should do this more often, right guys?

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