Houston we have a problem

Dear Commander Nebula of Star Command,

It has come to my attention recently that the super evil Emperor Zurg had succeeded with his evil plan of trying to take over the world. Yesterday he successfully blocked every website containing the word 'blog' in it's URL thus denying all decent blogger in this company the chance to read almost half of all blogs out there plus making it really difficult for them to post anything to Blogger.com et al.

But all hope is not lost yet. Although the evil Emperor has taken control of the firewalls and servers, he definitely can't control our minds and hearts. We will always find one way or another to convey our message of freedom to the world. So until I successfully devise a plan to overthrow the evil Emperor Zurg, let us put our hopes in our hearts and walk on with our head up high. To infinity.... and beyond!!!


Space Ranger
Afif 'Buzz" Lightyear
Star Command


  1. Hey..that's too much la..'all work and no play makes jane a dull girl'.

    I can only access meebo and blogger here at the office but they've totally blocked friendster!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if u know how to get around blocks to access friendster do let me know ok..Thanks in advance!

  2. Sorry babe, other than the sites that I mentioned to u earlier, I have no idea how to get around those blocks :(