The week that was

Last week we finally got our 3 months due mileage claims money. Despite the horrid time he made us go through, I'd like to thank The Boss anyway for that.

A few weeks ago I've decided to keep my hair long again. To be honest, I'm tired of shaving my head every 2 weeks plus my expensive hair-cutting machine was broken beyond repair earlier this month and I don't think I'm gonna buy a new one so that's it. So last week I went to the barber for the first time in like 3 years to get my hair trimmed a little bit here and there. I told him exactly where I wanted it trimmed but apparently the barber had other ideas how my hair should look like. I specifically told him not to cut my hair at the top but he cut it anyway so now I looked very much like Bart Simpson (or like Sudin as some my friends call it). I hate this new hairstyle really and how I'd wish I could stay home for the next few weeks until they grow back and I don't look so fugly.

Apart from that I sent my car for it's 20000km service also last week. I have no idea it was time for some major services already so when the guy at the workshop said 400 ringgit my jaws nearly dropped to the floor. So much for my savings plan, sigh.

Anyway they made me wait for 5 fricking hours at the workshop, must be a new world record. I read every reading material, got my hands on the Astro remote and basically made myself at home there. But even after 5 hours they still haven't fix my leaking power steering problem. Said they need to order the spare parts first.

I've been experiencing minor backaches all week but since it's minor I did nothing about it. Then on Wednesday the pain suddenly became unbearable that in the afternoon I can't barely move without hurting my back. The doctor who examined me said I've got a really sore muscle around my waist probably from lifting heavy stuff and a bad posture. He gave me an injection to the butt (again) and 2 days off to recover. Thank God it's nothing serious like a Lumbar disc herniation or a degenerative disc disease or something! <-- This guy been watching too much Grey's Anatomy.

We bought a new sofa and a tv bench yesterday. It's no big deal really, just a regular 3-seater PVC sofa.

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