Mad season

All this week I had to send my 2 year old kid to another nursery (which belongs to the same owner) at Vista Pinggiran. Since there's only 2-3 kids left at the nursery in Taman U, we had no choice but to send and pick him up from there instead. I was cool with that at first until something happened yesterday. While I was about to pick up Adam at the nursery, some kid about Adam's age suddenly hit him right before my eyes. Adam cried of course but the owner of the nursery which happens to be there did nothing. She was too preoccupied with some other smaller kid to do anything. So I thought it was probably nothing, kids fight all the time so it's perfectly normal right?

Right after that we stopped at a playground just outside the nursery when Adam nagged me to play there for a while. This is when that kid who earlier hit Adam inside came running to look for Adam and when he found him, hit and shove Adam right under my nose. I was fuming mad of course and gave that kid a spectacular smackdown right there and then.

Okay I lied, I didn't exactly do that but I did yell angrily at that kid which probably scared the daylights out of him because he ran scampering back into the nursery. Obviously, this kid is mental and he got some issues with Adam or something. Yeah I know he's just a kid and everybody at the playground must think I'm crazy or something yelling like that but I'm not gonna let anybody bully my kid in front of me. Adam is normally friendly and warm and he would never deliberately hurt other people unless they hurt him first. God knows what that disturbed Haikal kid does to my son all this time he's been there. Just because your parent is screwed doesn't mean you can take it out on my kid, PUNK! I can't think of other reasons why he acts like that really.

One thing for sure I'm not going to send Adam there again starting next month. They've got way too much kids than they could handle there and I'm net letting my kid become a punching bag for that mental brat. So people, don't send your kids to Umie Transit in Taman Universiti or Taska Didik in Vista Pinggiran if you know what's good for your kid. There I've said it.


A few days ago when my boss called to see me he said "Have you been sleeping downstairs? Cause your hair looked like a mess, like you've just woke up or something.." So I said nah, my hair is naturally like than when they're long(er than usual). Well FYI, I deliberately let my hair long nowadays as a protest of sort for your errr you know what. While I look very dashing when my hair is like this long (see pic below), during the time in between, (you know - not to long or bald, just short) I looked absolutely hideous. That's why I shave my head every 2 weeks or so, so that I didn't scare away potential suitors ha ha ha!

Anyway I am keeping my hair from now on and I'm waiting to see his reaction when I became that. There's no rule saying we can't grow our hair long so we'll have to wait and see. So goodbye to the old me and say hello to handsome here :)


In other news, grandma called the other telling me she's worried about who else, my mother. She obviously doesn't approve this guy she currently dating. Like yeah! I never liked the idea in the first place but my mother will do it anyway just like before. So I said it's useless for me trying to convince her otherwise.

Grandma also said Faiz (yes my Faiz) is thinking of tying the knot some time in the near future. I thought she was kidding me at first but when she went into the details I'm speechless. I was like totally shocked when she said that Faiz did have many suitors for him (in other word he's a chic magnet) and he's got a steady girlfriend or something already right now. Of course I'm totally cool if he's getting married now or whatever, it's just I wonder how he's gonna support this family of his when he's still got some way to go before graduation and he's not exactly loaded or something (not to mention he goes out for 40 days every now and then, poor girl!). Whatever it is, I hope you will think it through bro, don't do anything rash or stupid now. So Hasnilia, I'm sorry to say that Faiz is officially off the market now so you can just forget about him now :)

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