The official office grapevine

In case you didn't get that whole Buzz Lightyear - Emperor Zurg story, my point was, my superior had blocked every site with the word 'blog' in it's URL meaning we now cannot visit or any .blogspot addresses. If he meant to stop me from blogging well I got news for you mister, it didn't work! The only thing he managed to do was really piss me off. It's not like I spent my entire day at work blogging or anything. Imagine if I block access to or those silly forums you frequent, how would that make you feel? If it wasn't for the fact he's my superior and that he signs my claims and leave forms, I'd stop talking to him altogether. So don't be surprised if I gave you the cold shoulder from now on. You asked for it.

Of course I can still read blogs today through some ingenious means (I'm not telling how :P) but I cannot read the c-box or the recent comments on the sidebar, bleh.

On the positive side, now that nobody at this office cannot read my blog anymore I'm now free to write anything I want here right? Well not exactly everything (I still like my job) but many things that I have reservations writing about before. From now on this blog shall be the Official Office Grapevine.

Although I have heaped praises on my manager previously alas he's only human and with many flaws too. Adwien, our site supervisor quit recently because of him. Zack, our engineer also quit because he can't stand him. Next we might be losing our System Administrator also because of him. If he keeps this up, we'd be losing all our hardworking and talented people one by one.Our manager is a fine manager except that sometimes he's like sort of clueless and he likes to shift the blame on somebody else to save his ass.

And our software engineers? They need a raise, really-really need a raise. I think they've worked their ass down for that project for almost a year now and they truly deserve some reward and recognition. I'd be frustrated too if my uni friends is earning almost twice as much at other companies or in the government service. If they don't get a raise soon, I trust they'd jump off the ship at the first chance that comes.

The new secretary? Let's just say not everyone likes her loud shrieking voice or her sometimes annoying attitude. I don't have any problems with her just yet, in fact she'd been rather nice to me even :P

I know our dear cleaner have been doing a great job keeping our office clean and tidy and stuff but she really-really needs to use a deodorant :)

As for me, I'm currently stumped with work. Previously we have for staff doing this job with me but since Jali and Sudin left and Bujal been upgraded to 'Engineer', I'm left doing all these work myself. Doing the job of four people at the pay of one? Very clever. Not that I mind or I can't handle them, it's just maybe they could give me like a raise or something? (Yeah, dream on). Heck I don't even have much time to even update my blog nowadays, that's how busy I am.


  1. Sorry to know all this mate..just hang on ok..

  2. so sory to hear that!!!

    ermmm...when i was reading abut ur post, i was thinkg more abut ur manager... ermmmmm...huhu

    ps: try to get a chill thrill in ur work environment...chill3x bro!!!

  3. Thanks for the concern guys, I'm still hanging on fine here :)

    It will take a lot more than those to break this tough guy!