An evening in Paris

Back in my hometown in Pasir Mas, weddings are a quiet and generally peaceful affair. People come, greet the hosts, eat, chat a little, see the brides, give present/money and leave. No loud music, no karaoke, the only sound you hear is people merry-making, chatting or gossiping all in a calm and orderly manner.

That’s why the first time I went to a Malay wedding this side of the peninsular I was rather surprised with their custom which are somewhat different from what I was used to. Here you are usually greeted by loud blaring music, a noisy M.C and Siti Nurhaliza/Mawi wannabe karaoke singers. When I go to weddings, I expect at least some peace and quiet while I enjoy the food, not sitting next to a really loud speaker that could cause some permanent damage to my brain. And since we live in such a polite and courteous society, nobody has the heart to tell the pak cik or the host’s daughter that their singing sucks and we didn’t came here to be tortured by their incessant wailing.

But that’s nothing compared to what I had to go through twice already this year. I was positively alarmed when I saw some tents being set up right in front of my house last Friday. This could only mean one thing: my neighbour’s daughter is getting hitched again and there’s gonna be a wedding dinner very soon. My suspicion was confirmed by Saturday evening when I saw those huge speakers and P.A system being setup. True enough, by 7:00 a.m the entire Taman University could hear those horrible, mind-numbing, selections of native songs emanating from the street where I live.

But this time I wasn’t about to give up without a fight. Just after 8:00 pm, I played my entire collection of dance & hip-hop music on my sub woofer as loud as possible. I think I did gave them a run for their money cause they had to raise their volume further up a notch to drown the noise I make. Last time they had a wedding dinner and music and dance in front of my house, it lasted until 3.30 in the morning. Of course we’re not planning to stay and find out how long they’re gonna last this time. So right after dinner we packed our stuff and head to my mother’s place in Sri Serdang for a sleep over.

Talk about inconsiderate neighbours! While I can always pack my stuff and move away some place where the people are more understanding (which we definitely plan of doing), the rest of my neighbours are virtually stuck where they are now. So when one of them decides to throw a dinner with loud music until the wee hours of the morning you either suck it up and go on with live or you can sell your house and move elsewhere. There’s no point telling them to slow it down a bit, it’s their custom to play them really loud regardless of your neighbours’ feelings. It’s like telling them to stop eating curry caviar, totally useless.

Nonetheless I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate our newly wedded friend. I hope you’ll live happily ever after and your babies will look like monkeys. Nah, I’m not being sarcastic. Monkeys are cute what!

Update: Okay I've changed the title of this post with something nicer and removed all trace of racist remarks. :)


  1. u okay?

    i tot u went back straight to Pasir Mas..hahahah

  2. Yeah, I'm cool.

    But now that you mentioned it, I do miss my tranquil and serene village back in Pasir Mas hu hu!

  3. Neighbourly IndianJune 04, 2007 11:28 AM

    "There’s no point telling the Indians to slow it down a bit, it’s their custom to play them really loud regardless of your neighbours’ feelings. It’s like telling them to stop eating curry, totally useless."

    Yeah, kinda like asking the Malays to stay away from belacan right?

  4. Neighbourly Indian IIJune 04, 2007 11:31 AM

    There are considerate and inconsiderate neighbours of all races all over Malaysia... Don't need to to get racist with your remarks... Maybe you should pack up and move back to Pasir Mas like Rina suggested?

  5. Ok I admit I'm being a bit rascist here and I agree there are inconsiderate people everywhere regardless of race. But tell me I'm wrong. Tell me you guys don't play those music so damn loud everytime? No? I thought so.

    Just speaking out my mind here, no offense dude.

    At least our belacan-eating people don't hurt anyone feelings.

    Babies don't cry when we eat belacan.

    Old and sick people can sleep and rest in peace when we have weddings.

    We don't get headaches in the morning from lack of sleep.

    50 years of independence.
    7 years into the new millenium.
    This practice has to go.

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  7. Neighbourly IndianJune 05, 2007 10:06 AM

    First, I'm glad you toned your post down. Living in this country too long makes all of us racist once in while since we have our differences thrown into our faces all the time.

    Secondly, I live in a predominantly Malay area, and guess what mate? Every wedding held at my neighbours' homes comes with the customary tent which blocks the entire roads AND 4 huge speakers for each corner of the tent. They even have an emcee to complement the loud music which they do blast, mind you. Sometimes even karaoke!

    Does it get irritating and annoying? Yes. Esp when we have to wait for hours to move our car since some guests conveniently park right in front of the gate. Or when one of us ill and can't stand the noise.

    But do we complain? No. Because its a happy occasion for a family celebrating a wedding. Not like they're running a weekend disco etc...

    p.s. I love my sambal belacan btw!

  8. You're right, it is annoying but I just want a good night sleep! Is that too much to ask?

    Btw I didn't say a word or complain to my neighbours for all the loud music and everything. I just leave my house for a while and go somewhere peaceful and quiet cause I understand its a happy occasion for a family celebrating a wedding and stuff and not like they did it everyday right? Nor did I complain when I came home to find empty cans and bottles of alcohol outside my gate, I just pick them up and get on with life. I just wish they'd do it during the day that's all.

    p.s: my grandma is half mamak too and she used to make the best roti canai EVAR!! :)