The day before Raya

We spent the last 2 days before Raya at Linda's place in Tanah Merah.

Adam had a ball of a time playing firecrackers & sparklers with his uncles.

We did some last minute shopping at the Pantai Timur supermarket nearby. Only in Kelantan can you buy 5 Spidermans for only RM8.90. Adam's been nagging me to buy Spidey since forever.

Usually we look forward to seeing his face announcing the date of Hari Raya but not anymore. Ever since they fixed they Hari Raya dates on the calendar these past few years.

On the final day of fasting we head back to my beloved home town in Pasir Mas.

This is Pasir Mas, where the pretty girls are legendary and the men are boleh tahan lah (not bad).

According to legend, this area which is now known as Pasir Mas was first opened up by Che Leh Ismail who was also known as Che Leh Tok Pendekar. Che Leh Ismail was forced to shift to Pasir Mas from Kota Bharu when his land was taken over by the Sultan to build his palace.

During that time, a religious teacher from Bachok, Kelantan came to teach the Quran to the villagers in Pasir Mas. The religious teacher returned to Bachok after his teachings were completed. However, a few days after the religious teacher returned to Bachok, three pots of gold suddenly appeared in some bushes. The pots of gold then rolled into a pond at the fringe of the bushes. The villagers who witnessed this happening shouted "Mas! Mas!" (Mas means Gold in Malay). Hence the place was subsequently called Pasir Mas. The word "Pasir" originated because there was a large field of sand at the bank of the Kelantan River, which was situated near Pasir Mas.

Hmm interesting, but still sounds like a lot of bull to me.

Paid my zakat Fitrah here at the town mosque. Unlike in Tanah Merah, they provide 3 counters for people's convenience so I don't have to queue for so long to pay my dues. That's why Pasir Mas rocks!

We had so much development over the years, even the road to my house is congested. Yeah right.

Proof that we should come back more often: "Papa look, anjing besar!" Haiya, that's no big dog man, that's a goat.

And those are chickens and they're pretty harmless too. Just like cats, Adam is terrified of chickens, goats and cows.

At night we played some more firecrackers.

That's right, I get to re-live some of my childhood memories when Lina gave me a bundle of those spinning firecrackers to play with.

Right after the last berbuka, Pasir Mas turned virtually into a war zone, with all the explosions and fireworks display. Police? What police?

My grandma made this little decoration in our living room.

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