Hari Raya blues

Three days is definitely not enough for me to celebrate Hari Raya. That’s why today I’m currently feeling the post Hari Raya blues here at the office. There are only 5 people here at the moment and the rest of us still merrily celebrating Hari Raya with their family and loved ones. Sigh. I could have taken a few more days off but then it wouldn’t be fair to my colleague/friend Bujal cause he’s been covering for us for many days now. Heck he’s already here right now working despite the fact that he worked till Friday, the day before Hari Raya. If you don’t call that commitment then I don’t know what it is.

We arrived safely here last night around 10 o’clock. That’s 9 hours of driving, an hour shorter than our Balik Kampung trip last time. Traffic was generally smooth from Kelantan to here although there was a 20-minute crawl after the Genting Sempah tunnel due to a car accident. Honestly after seeing the way some of those people drive, I’m not surprised at all to see such accidents occurring. I had a mild flu yesterday so driving was a pain in the arse for me with runny nose and all. Even today I’m feeling down and drowsy from my flu medication. No mood for work. Bleh.

My car is having a major problem starting up in the morning. I had to turn the ignition for like 20 times before the engine starts. What’s more I can’t send my car to the workshop until tomorrow cause they said they’re fully booked for today.

We had to take turns taking emergency leaves for today and tomorrow cause we can't leave Adam at the nursery yet because Kak Azi is not finished with her Hari Raya celebrations yet. Sigh.

I wanna sleep but then I heard The Boss is coming in some time today. More sigh.

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