Liverpool 1 - Arsenal 1

If I were a neutral spectator, I would have thoroughly enjoyed last night's match. But then I'm not a neutral, I'm a plucking Liverpool fan so you see I'm rather disappointed with the draw. Gerrard scored an absolutely fantastic goal and we defended it so well before that Fabregas dude leveled the score on the 79th minute. A win against Arsenal would have silenced the critics but alas it was not to be. I guess a draw would do lah for now, at least we didn't get trashed or anything in our own backyard.

So we're still unbeaten and the title race is still on as far as I'm concerned. I say screw the Champions League. Let's concentrate on the Premiership instead, our bread and butter. What, you expect us to win everything or something? Plus, sacking the manager in the middle of the season won't make us Champions overnight. Even the great Shankly took a few years to make us Championship winning material. At least give the boss until the end of the season to prove us wrong.

Keep the faith.


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  1. Hullo sir, how come only @dam responded to the challenge to defend Rafa after Istanbullshit? U & Albertus hilang?

    Anyways, I am very thankful we didn't get fooking thrashed at Anfield.

    But having said that, Rafa's bizzare behaviour continues (eg no Momo or Leiva on bench when Xabi not fit).

    Tell u what, the game v Blackburn this weekend is ginna be a real tough test character fer our boys.

    As fer tomorrow nite, wanna bet Fowler gonna score?

    Hope to see u at me blog soon. Cheers