Hari Raya celebrations (part 3)

Part 3 consist of mostly pictures that I took during the annual Hari Raya photographic session. As you can see this year's theme is Barney The Musical ha ha! My baju Melayu came with pants but I decided to go with kain pelikat (sarong) jer lah.

This all my siblings. From left Faiz, Lina (and Hairie), Izni and moi with Adam. Single- married-It's complicated-Married.

Adam couldn't keep his cloth on because he gets itchy easily.

My sister, Hairie and husband Zaidi. I almost thought he wouldn't make it to Pasir Mas this year but apparently he did. I have nothing further to comment.

Family portrait. This is only 3/4 of all my immediate family member. Uncle Din and co didn't get there until the 2nd day of Hari Raya. Adam is hiding under the table when this picture was taken. You can watch the video clip* that I made, all 11 minutes of us bersalaman & bermaafan.

*If I can get it uploaded successfully that is. So far not so good.

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