Our little Hari Raya gathering

Every year on the last week of fasting, our little company receives a few hampers from our suppliers, vendors and sub-contractors as a token of appreciation for doing business with them. This year is no different and we got about 8 or 9 such hampers.

It is also customary for us to share those goodies with all staff at the company. So last night The Boss held a small Hari Raya gathering where we ate some bihun goreng (again) and open up those hampers to enjoy among ourselves.

The ceremony started with a little speech from The Boss. “We’re gathered here to open these hampers together and also to celebrate Afif’s birthday tomorrow..” So sweet! But then my birthday is exactly one month away from today, duh! Apparently somebody at HR screwed up eh?

Although small, it was a fun and joyous affair and I managed to sneak back a couple tins of Famous Amos cookies for my loved ones.


  1. the sparkling juice is tempting but i find the teh in the jug lagi menarik!!

    hey mana boleh curi famous amos tu haram la..tsk tsk tsk..

    at my old office dulu time nak share the hamper products kita buat lucky draw, so too bad la whoever gets the boring or the cheapest stuff ;)

  2. hey i tot u just said in ur last post that raya has ended for you? so why join the raya gathering? hehe

  3. Because it's *compulsory*, said they wanna celebrate somebody's birthday or something he he.

    Bukan curi la, agih-agihkan :P