Hari Raya celebrations (part 1)

Hari Raya morning to me is simply the bestest moment of the year. If I could choose one word to describe it, it would be 'magical'. This humble home in Kampung Dangar, Pasir Mas is where I spent most of my childhood at.

Lina's kid, Zuhairie was among the first to get up today. Adam woke us up several times last night because he was itchy all night long after being bitten by a few bugs.

We had this delicious nasi dagang for breakfast. Actually grandma ordered them from a neighbour next door. Beside auntie Yatie nobody has yet to master the art of making nasi dagang yet in my family.

As usual I went to the mosque early to get the best seat available. Actually they're all the same hard, cold stone floor but I came late once a few years ago and I had no choice but to pray on the parking lot. Lucky for me I always bring my praying mat along. Not that I'm complaining or anything of course.

I used to hang around the Pasir Mas mosque a lot when I was a kid. I went there every Friday for Friday prayers and for terawikh and Subuh prayers during Ramadan. Now I can only go there like once a year.

While waiting for the Aidil Fitri (Eid) prayers to start we chant along to the Takbir and Tahmid lead by the Imam. This the part where I get all nostalgic and sentimental. The siak (caretaker of the mosque) had been around (standing in blue) since I was no more than 7-8 years old and he was still young and burly back then. I'm amazed that he still works here after all these years.

After the prayer and a short sermon, everybody goes back to start their Raya celebrations or for many people like myself, we went to visit the graves of our dear departed.

Naturally a minor traffic jam is expected since every Hari Raya the population of small towns like Pasir Mas mroe than doubled as city folks return to be with their loved ones.

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