Al-Diafah restaurant review

Today our supplier treated us for lunch at one posh Middle Eastern restaurant in Sri Petaling. Did I say we love our suppliers? Yes we do!
About a dozen of us had lunch at Al-Diafah restaurant this afternoon, all of which had worked our ass down for that Puncak Alam project for the past 2 years or so.
Before we enter, first we have to measure all our stomach together to see how much they grow afterwards. For now Ujang is the undisputed champion followed closely by Bujal and Sapuan lagging not far behind.
Some of the 17 attendees of the lunch. The menu was already pre-ordered by our host so we didn't get to choose the food. We had to wait for a while for the food to arrive. The plain water tasted like Rose flower. I'd prefer my plain water plain, thank you.
Our appetizer was some fries, salad and some Arabian bread. The main course was friend beef and grilled chicken and mutton served with briyani rice.
The mutton (which came aplenty) was okay but the chicken (which is rather limited) was better. I was hoping to have a taste of the world renown hummus meal but unfortunately it wasn't on the menu today. Ah well, maybe some other time.
This is pretty much what I had this afternoon. Might not look much but I did had another 3 pieces of mutton shortly after.
This grilled mutton may look rather dull and uninteresting in this picture but that actually taste slightly better than they look. I forget to bring along my proper camera so all this pictures was taken with my phone's camera.
My drink of choice was this apple juice. 100% apple with hardly anything else added.
The atmosphere and general ambiance in this restaurant was calm and quiet with a soothing Arabic music in the background. Most of its client came during lunch time, almost half of them made up from some rich Arab or Middle Eastern people. Everybody thought this restaurant is a no-smoking area so they took the trouble to go outside to smoke. And then come a bunch of this Arab dudes and they casually smoke at their table like they just don't care. Ha ha, take that. So you actually can smoke in there. Huh, I bet you can smoke in any restaurant that charge exorbitant rates like this one here.
Our dessert for today was this cup cake and some fruit cocktail. I was expecting something more lavish.
One thing for sure though, I can safely say everybody had more than enough to eat for lunch today. There was still plenty of food (at least there's plenty of mutton) left even after all 17 of us is finished. Plus they even packed all those leftovers for us to take home. The title for the champion eater today is... at number 3 - Bujal, number 2 - Safuan and number one goes to...
... En Mazlan! Who ate triple of everything including the mutton which he's not supposed to eat (much) because of his health condition. Well we're all going to die sooner or later so why bother right?

The bill for today's lunch comes down to a cool RM1100 which is roughly RM65 per person. That might sound a lot but come to think of it, people pay pretty much the same amount per head for those wasteful Ramadan buffets every year so, no big deal. Will I come again to Al-Diafah in the future? Probably not. I think after today, Middle Eastern cuisine is not my thing. Perhaps they should put a huge NO SMOKING sign first at the entrance and charge the locals like 50% less or something and charge maximum price for everyone else.

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  1. That explains the mutton I had at the office. Don't really favour mutton but I ate it anyway.. :-)