OldTown White Coffee - Springy Noodle with Chicken Ham & Egg

For this visit to Oldtown White Coffee, we went to the Alamanda Putrajaya outlet.
It is a brand new outlet which has just opened its doors last month.
This time I choose to have the springy noodle with chicken ham and egg menu. It tastes suspiciously like the Myojo instant noodle that I had last week, the difference being they threw in a fried egg and some chicken ham in it. Think I can make this one myself at home and it won't even costs 6.30 ringgit.
For refreshment I had the Oldtown "cham" cold drink which is basically milked tea mixed with coffee. RM3.50. Seriously, if their drinks were much cheaper, I'd be eating here like every week. Too bad. Many thanks to my wife who treated me this time.