Slumdog Millionaire review

Okay I watched this movie last weekend but I am too lazy to tell you the synopsis. Read all about it here. This movie was nominated in 10 categories at the Oscars and won a whooping 8. A major achievement for a non-Hollywood, medium budget movie.
Why I liked this movie? First it didn't feature those regular good-looking/pretty run-of-the-mill Bollywood stars. Nope, no Hrithik Roshan or Aiswarya Rai here. 2 completely unknown actor and actress played the leading role. Second, the story is quite interesting. Not too sad or depressing but not too happy either. The scoop-the-kid's-eye-with-a-spoon scene might be a little bit cruel but other than that, they're quite okay. I liked the fact they didn't have any boring dancing and singing right until the final scene of the movie. They did sing and dance in the end but I can forgive that. Must please the rest of Bollywood movie junkies out there a bit lor. I heard they'll run riot if they don't see any singing or dancing in all Bollywood movies.

Interesting plot, heartwarming storyline and some brilliant acting. Too bad this movie didn't show what Jamal did with his 20 million rupees (a meager USD436,020) that he won from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Probably bought a round of chapatis for his friends at the call center hu hu.

Freshness rating: 85%

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