Visit Japan Year 2009

Last week a few of my colleagues went for an all expense paid trip to Japan. Among those lucky few were Rizal Shaari and Bujal. Since Rizal S didn't have a blog and Bujal is too lazy to blog, I took the liberty to blog about their recent visit according to my imagination and creativity.

First day in Hokkaido, learn to use the ATM machine. "They've got ATM machines in Japan too! Cool!" said Bujal. Like duh? We got tonnes of those here. "Yeah, but this one dispenses money in Yen!".

"Check out my 2 hawt Japanese chicks! So long Suzen!!". (Don't tell anyone I had to pay them 200 Yen each to pose with me).

"My folks back home would be so proud to see me with all these snow!"

"Alright, gimme one big bear hug!!"

"Hey I'm a bear I want a bear hug too!"

"I'm the King of the Sapporo Road!!!"

"Yesterday I ate a sushi for dinner. The fish was this BIG!"

Yeah-yeah we get it, you get to go to Hokkaido. Big deal. Don't forget to return the jacket.

In Japan, chicks really dig guys with crabs. The larger the better.

"I'm gonna keep you, take care of you and love you and name your Mr. Krab!"

Now, which one is the bear? Hmm very difficult to tell.

Rizal before doing the hanky-panky with Bujal.

"I just love to sleep in this cupboard! Makes me feel like Harry Potter"

By the 3rd day, they can't afford to sleep in cupboards anymore so they build this igloo for shelter. Look out for bears.


  1. i wonder why bubu looks so fairer in japan?
    and.. where is the snowbear of bubu? kekekekeke!!

  2. Nora, you need glasses. Like seriously :)

  3. His pic with the bear, i think both of them is the bear..wahaha..
    Rizal sengal bertambah sengal duduk dlm igloo 2..ahaks..buah tgn xde ke?


  4. wowwww.. itu bukan atm lah fif.. itu nak beli ticket aerotren... wahhaah ape daaa

  5. bubu tido dlm almari = DoraEmon..wahaha

  6. 私は知っている。それでも私はあなたをからかっている

    (I know that. I'm just making fun of you nevertheless.)


    (Kat awek dia pun Bujal tak kasi aper2 jangan harap la kawan2 nak dapat!)