Meet Ariani Delina

Meet my new 3 months old niece, Ariani Delina. Hmm, that first name sounds rather familiar. Maybe they got some inspiration from my daughter Mia Ariana? Naah, probably coincidental. At least they didn't give her some unique, weird sounding names. That's my sister in law's specialty.
So now they've got a pair, a boy and a girl just like me. Can close shop already! If Zuhairi looks exactly like his Dad, Ariani meanwhile looks a lot like her Mama.
But being a school teacher like my sister, she probably can afford to make 2 or 3 more babies. She's got plenty of time after school and she has tons of school holidays and maternity leaves too. So lucky being a teacher. No wonder so many undergraduates scrambling to apply for that KPLI course.

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