The Curious Case of Benjamin Button review

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was inspired from a 1921 short stories of the same name. It received 13 Academy Award nominations and won just three, making it one of the most Oscar nominated film not to win the Academy Award for Best Picture along with Lord Of The Rings and Mary Poppins.
The movie starred Brad Pitt (okay drool girls) and Cate Blanchett but just because they have Brad Pitt in this movie doesn't mean it had to be good nor must it smash the box office records. I mean Brad's acting was not exactly that memorable really. In fact he didn't need to do much except look really old in the beginning and look pretty towards the end. Benjamin Button tells of a story about a guy who was born old and grew younger over the years. Scary right? I thought so too. Who wants to be born like a 70 years old, grew younger and then die anyway. Totally pointless.
I find it amazing that nobody finds Benjamin's conditions to be rather freaky back then. I'd thought somebody would bludgeon this freak to death or something when he was small. You know how paranoid people in those days can be. With all those witch-hunters and Klux Klux Klan some more. And I find it's even more amazing that Benjamin a.k.a Brad Pitt stayed loyal to a single woman (Daisy), at least at any one time throughout the movie. I mean he's Brad Pitt for goodness sake. You'd expect somebody with that looks to change women like underwears.
Anyhow, I find this movie to be a little bit of drag sometimes. I'm surprised that I didn't fall asleep for the entire length of the movie (2 hours 47 minutes total). There's nothing awe-inspiring or unforgettable about this film. Give me any Harry Potter movies anytime.
For once, the high and mighty people at the Academy is right not to give this film too many awards. It doesn't deserve them. If you love Brad Pitt and you'd like to see what he looks like when he's 70 then this movie is probably right for you. If not, stay well away from this one.

Freshness rating: 67%

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