Best. Day. Ever

I'm so dead tired today. I drove about 600 kilometres for our balik kampung trip this time after a detour to Manjung in Perak to pick up my MIL. We arrived in Pasir Mas around 7.30 PM and I should be resting after such a long day. But then, Liverpool - Man Utd games only happen twice a year so there's no way I'm gonna miss them for anything.
Since my place in Pasir Mas has no ESPN, I have to crash at a restaurant in town to watch the game (no there's hardly any mamak in Kelantan). I ordered a teh tarik and sat on the table closest to the projector screen to have a good view. Less than 30 minutes into the game, Man U was already ahead through a penalty. WTF? I didn't drive 600 miles just to watch Liverpool lose!
Still I didn't move an inch and sure enough a few minutes later Fernando Torres weaved his magic and scored the equalizer. A draw against United would somewhat be acceptable at this stage but Gerrard would have none of that. He coolly blasted home the penalty to make it 2-1 before half time. United tried very hard to come back after the break but it's just not their day today. Vidic was sent off after a blatant foul Stevie G and Fabio Aurelio scored a screamer from the resulting free kick. One which could have made Beckham green in envy. Dossena put the icing on the cake with an audacious lob over Van der Sar to make it 4-1.
This is without a doubt the best game and performance I've ever since from the Reds so far, definitely on par with the miracle of Istanbul. Torres and Gerrard clicked magnificently today and the rest of the team was impeccable. After such performance I won't be surprised if we won all the remainder of the games and clinch the title right under United's nose. But should we fail to win anything this season (God-forbid!) this plus that double over Chelsea would have more than make it up for it. This season only, next season no more excuse.

One of my best day ever? You bet!

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  1. it was a game they could have lost with an embarrassing scoreline and still has only an iota impact on the title race if they re-focus and get back to winning streak again.. of course 4 u scouse, u will gloat in the pleasure of that scoreline but it was just one of 38 games in a season, nothing more.