The incredibly long and boring journey home

Let's face it, I'm tired of driving long distance. Especially to places I've been a hundred times before. That said, I can't do nothing much about it. We've all got kampung, a home town to go back to sometimes and for some people their home town is located hundred of miles away. I've been driving to and fro my home town almost as soon as I got my driving license. Below is an example of my typical drive from my home town back to where I live in the city.
7:07 AM
Depart from Tanah Merah. The sun is rising but it is still relatively dark everywhere.
7:36 AM
Arrived in Kuala Krai some 30 KM away. It's a foggy day today. No rain but visibilaty is rather poor.
8:53 AM
Stopped near the Gua Musang R&R area for toilet break. It's the only proper R&R you'll ever find in Kelantan. There's a few eateries open and the public toilet is fairly clean. A real commodity if you've travelled around Malaysia frequently. You can also fill up at the Shell station next door.
9:06 AM
Arrived in Gua Musang. Still foggy but it is improving. Traffic clear so far. 110 KM travelled.
10:32 AM
Drove past Kuala Lipis. No signs of Siti Nurhaliza anywhere. Someday I must visit that town. But what for? Nevermind.
11:00 AM
Stopped at the Benta R&R outside Kuala Lipis because wifey needs toilet break and the kids have to shower and change. The toilet here is clean too.
11:34 AM
Drove past Raub. 320 KM.
12:05 PM
Arrived in Bentong. Searched around for McDonald's to buy porridge for Mia. No McD here!
12:11 PM
Stopped for lunch at an eatery in Bentong. There's about a dozen shops to choose from here but not all of them are good. We were unfortunate to pick one which has sucky and expensive food. Next time look for the crowded one. Sure good or at least cheap.
1:06 PM
Drove past Genting Sempah. 400 KM
1:19 PM
Arrived in Selangor finally. Traffic jam in certain stretch of the MRR2 probably because of lunch hour.
1:54 PM
Arrived safe and sound in Seri Kembangan. 460 KM from Tanah Merah. Went to Jusco to do some groceries.


  1. next time go balik kg with air asia.. cheap & u no need to drive. hehehe!

  2. Air Asia pun mahal jugak. Walaupun tambang murah, macam2 tax kena bayar, kena kali 4 pulak tu. Nak sampai ke airport pun kena kuar duit lagi.