AF5: Ananda sends his warmest regards

I’m certain Mr. Ananda is too busy to say it himself but I’m sure he’d like to thank all his fellow Malaysians who’d been tirelessly wasting money voting for their favourite students in the recent (and all previous) Akademi Fantasia reality tv show. “Thanks for making me the 2nd richest man in the country. As a token of my appreciation, all Maxis/Hotlink subscribers will get free RM50 reload PROVIDED, they forward this blog post (yes the entire blog post, word by word) to 5 other Maxis customers” he said.

Now that AF5 has ended, newly crowned champion Mila(h) will stay true to her promise and will let all her fans take a glimpse at her brand new Vios from afar (maybe if they drool enough, she’d even let them take pictures) . Plus she promises to send postcards to 10 of her fans who voted for her the most (you know who you are!) when she visits Disneyland sometime in the future. Of course she won’t forget all of her sucker loyal fans and everybody will be cordially invited to visit her open house at her shiny brand new bungalow in Seri Kembangan this Hari Raya.

Nothing amuses me more than to watch all those losers people jump up and down like monkeys as they cheer their favourite students during the recent AF final. After spending so much to vote, I’m sure all the kids, teens, makciks and pakciks will now reap the reward of their investment, which would be nothing more than a few cheap thrills. I could list a dozen better things we can do with our 50 cent but what good is the word of one blogger against the mighty marketing machinery of Astro & co?

Wake up and smell the teh tarik people! Our roti canai is not getting any bigger and you know you will have to fork out more to pay for your Astro bill next month. Stop this idiocy and waste and start spending your hard-earned money on something useful for once. Remember kids, your future college/university fee will not come cheap you know. Instead of wasting your mom and dad’s money on prepaid reloads why not save for you future? Bear in mind, you still need to pay for those PTPTN loans you know and with their absurd service fee charges, I seriously advice you start saving NOW!

“Besides, my good buddy ZAM is totally cool with it. He says better AF than let the public read some rumour-spreading, hate-mongering, non professional blogs about cooking recipes or even worse, BOOK REVIEWS! So until AF6, keep those votes coming. Although just as wasteful as sms quizzes, at least the muftis never declared them as haram yet you know. With all your support, maybe I can even kick that Kuok dude out of the number one spot! Malaysia bodoh boleh!” said Mr Ananda.

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