The Bomb

On Labour Day my family (Linda + Adam) went along with mother and Izni to visit my elder sister Lina in Shah Alam. It was during the journey to Shah Alam that mother dropped the bomb telling us she was seriously being courted by a man back home (in Kelantan). My first thought was Gawd, you gotta be kidding me! Then she spelled out the details and I knew she was not joking.

I know she told me once that she felt lonely at times living all by herself but after her previous unpleasant experiences with other men (apart from my dad) she should have known better than to even consider marrying again.

Although I’d like you to be happy and all but the man got 9 kids for God’s sake! Sure you can make some sort of deal like you’re staying here after marriage and he’ll get none of your possessions but bear in mind we’re talking about a traditional village man here. Once you marry this guy, you’ll have to listen to what he says cause he’s like your husband? You can’t simply boss him around like what you did to dad cause he’ll be totally different! Unless you sign some kind of pre-nuptial agreement or something you’ll have to share everything with him (and his nine kids!). Not that I cared that much about my inheritance, I don’t care if I got nothing from you really. I’m just worried about you that’s all. Plus, if this truly happen, I’m not kissing any old man’s hand other than my dad’s I tell you right here, right now.

Linda, Izni and Lina took the news quite well. They even joked about it! Although I didn’t exactly scream my displeasure at her face of this whole nonsense, I didn’t say a word and was quiet all day long. I think mother got the general idea what I think of her proposal with my silence and indifference. Seriously mom, I don’t want to have anything to do with this, period.

Maybe I overreacted or being too harsh on mother. Besides, nobody else in the family still don’t know about this, even Faiz or grandma. But this is no playing matter. This could change our family relationship forever. So for now this 57 year old house builder is regularly calling my mother like every night and we even caught her talking to this man on the phone last night (which almost made me throw out in the car). This all her close friend, Kak Mah’s fault. She became their unofficial match maker of sort and she’s totally responsible introducing mother to that guy. I know you’ve helped our mother and our family a lot in the past but I think you crossed the line here. You’re not doing my mother a favour, you’re breaking this already fragile family apart and you don’t even know it! Stay the hell away from my mother!

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