So long Fierro

Once upon a time, The Boss hired an Italian to work in our company. He was old, around 60 something (I think). My first impression of him was that he's loud, bossy and demanding. First day he came, he just storms in demanding stuff like a notebook, car, driver, fully furnished apartment plus a mistress to keep him company at night. Okay he didn't exactly demand that last thing but since he got nearly everything he asked for, I'm not surprised if he gets that as well.

At first I thought, hey we got a white guy working with us at this little company, cool. He would bring us to greater heights maybe? Hmm, how do I decribe him. Well, his voice is unnaturally loud, I mean when he speaks, you can hear his voice within 500 metres radius. One thing for sure he loves to brag about the girls and women he supposedly been with. He claimed that girls of all races and ages easily go gaga over him like he's one big Casanova or something. Plus there's this one housewife who'd never had orgasm before and when she does it with him only then she had her first time! Came on! You expect us to believe that? Even if you're on Viagra we won't believe any of those bs! If you're like 30 years younger I might have believed that but today he's like ancient already, I mean come on, have you seen yourself in the mirror lately?

He also like to boast about his previous job in this big oil firm in Saudi Arabia. The one where they pay him like USD10,000 a month and gave him a posh apartment to stay at some more. If it was really that good, why did he left in the first place? And why the heck he agreed to work in this small time company of all places?

Of course nobody was dumb/naive enough to believe everything he said. I personally didn't take him or his stories seriously. If I didn't know better, I'd say he's one of those con artist whose out to swindle this company. Alas he's not. Apparently, The Boss did his homework and research before hiring this guy. Mr. Fierro did have some credential in his resume. His main job here is to sell our Facility Management software to other companies, especially the big firms. I was quite surprised when The Boss agreed to all his biddings. It was so not like of him to assent to anyone's demands especially new staffs.

Obviously, The Boss is not stupid you know. With all those special treatments, he expects Mr. Lorenzo Fierro to deliver something to the company, something big. He was supposed to promote and sell our software and bring in millions to the company. That was nearly 2 months ago and obviously Mr. Fierro had not lived up to that expectation. So a few day ago The Boss ceremoniously showed him the door and he's out of here just like that. Easy come, easy go.

I doubt that anybody would miss him much now that he's gone. The female staff for once would be glad that Mr. Fierro won't be harassing them again. Nothing like a serious sexual harassment or something mind you. It's that sometimes he likes to tease and bug them a lot (hey, that's MY job!).

So, goodbye and so long Mr. Fierro. Maybe we will miss your little antics and Italian language lessons. Now everybody knows how to say "good morning" in Italian (buongiorno) and Ciao actually means Hi (I was wrong all along :)) Good luck in all your future ventures and go easy with the girls will ya? (yeah right!). Too bad I don't have any photos of Mr. Fierro but he looked pretty much like this dude below.

Arrivederci signor Fierro. Potete andare dado.

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