Fun time at Tesco

Oh no, not another visit Tesco post! To my gentle-readers whose already tired of my hyper mart related yakking, that’s too bad cause they’re here to stay :)

We usually go there early in the morning to avoid long queues, get ample parking space, plus we could choose a decent trolley without broken wheels or those that are absolutely filthy. But first, we must have breakfast.

For today we had breakfast at McDonald’s. For a limited time only you can buy 2 apple pies for just 3 ringgit. Also I noticed the coffee cup is much bigger too. While I find him to be quite adorable, Adam was positively terrified of Shrek. I guess most 2 years old would be scared of toys who burps and scream out “I’m an ogre” over and over again.

Finally it’s shopping time. I don’t know about you guys but I think watching paint dry or even golfing is more exciting than escorting the wife shopping for groceries. That’s why usually she will do all the shopping while Adam knocks himself out at the play area as I keep an eye for him from the bench. It’s nice to see the kids blend and play happily together like they just don’t care. At those tender ages, it doesn’t matter if you’re Malay, Chinese, Ogre or Donkey, all they wanna do is play and have fun. Moreover I’d like to say whoever thought of making a play area in a hyper mart in the first place is a friggin’ genius!

Most people don’t know this but my favourite pastime whenever I’m bored and at a crowded place is people-watching. I noticed that malay women/girls would always look down at their chest occasionally as if to check if their bra is lopsided or something especially when somebody is watching. What’s the deal with that? Duh, shouldn’t they like checked things like that before leaving home?

And there’s this woman who walked kind of odd and really slow. Either she got some kind of illness or the husband screwed her really good last night har har! (I’m so bad).

To Mrs. Chong, just because your kid is hyperactive, doesn’t mean he’s special! The kid managed to single-handedly terrorizes everybody at the play area.

I wish all kids could be as civilized and well-behaved like Adam here just minding his own business, driving his tractor around the store.

Speaking of which, Adam had little success in wooing those sweet little girls who completely ignored him. I gotta praise your bravado kid but a simple hi won’t get you anywhere near first base these days. Try any of these pick up lines for a start:

I hope you know CPR, because you take my breath away!

There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can't take them off you.

Hi, I'm Mr. Right. Someone said you were looking for me.?

and my favourite:

Hi, I'm Batman. Wanna see my Batmobile?

After one hour Adam starting asking random people “have you seen my mommy?”

The key to not losing your kid at public places is to plant a GPS device on him. I got a Motorola AG4000 GPS tracking system planted somewhere in that bushy hair. This way I can keep track of him anywhere he goes using this neat little GPS Java application on my phone. Unfortunately it only works with Motorola phones so if you just got yourself a Nokia phone, well that’s just too bad… :)

And back by popular demand (i.e one), here’s an exclusive picture of the man himself Afif with Baby Shrek Adam Farihin. Owh you mean you can’t see my face? Dang I’m so bad at taking pictures… sorry, my bad.


  1. i'm an ogre..burrppp...i'm on it..

  2. You're the first ogre to visit my blog! I'm honoured...

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