Understatement of the year

By Friday evening, my seemingly harmless cold had developed into a full-blown fever. Not only that, my head is spinning around like that giant ferris wheel in Tasik Titiwangsa. Arghh somebody shoot me with kryptonite already!!

I slept early that night but by 4 a.m I decided that I couldn’t take it anymore and drove myself in the wee hours of the morning to a panel clinic in Puncak Jalil. Thank God for 24 hours panel clinics. The doctor said my temperature was like 50 degrees and joked he could fry an egg on my head. Okay-okay he didn’t actually say that but I was quite hot that morning, literally. I didn’t have to ask for m.c he willingly offered me one. Maybe because it’s 4.30 in the morning or perhaps the nurse on duty has something against me cause she took like forever to prepare my medications. Had she been any slower she’d be extinct like the dinosaurs.
Anyway, I made it home in one piece. I can barely keep my eyes open on the way back. Linda & Adam were already awake when I got home. Adam looked all fired up and excited like we're going to balik kampung or something.

No amount of free all you can eat buffet lunch could entice me to come to the Team Building seminar at Residence Hotel that Saturday morning. I heard the boss asked why I'm absent and my good friends backed me up with a really good story (not that they need to make up stuff or anything, I was really sick!). Now that's what friends are for! :)

Having to look after one sick kid is hard enough but taking care of one sick boy and one really sick grown up is even harder. But Linda didn’t complain even once. She cleaned up after Adam threw up for the 6th time today, massage my head every time I asked her to, prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner, clean the house, do the laundry, fight global warming, find a cure for cancer, do the country's next budget, in fact she did everything all by herself. To say that she loves me and Adam very much would be the understatement of the year. (We love you too ma!)

By Sunday evening the worst of my fever and headache had all but gone. Still, I’m too lazy weak to wash my filthy car or do anything. So I just lay around and watch like 12 episodes of Grey's Anatomy back to back. Naturally, after so much Grey's Anatomy I started imagining myself being a doctor..

"Paging Dr. Afif, paging Dr. Afif, please proceed to OR 3 immediately..”

Dr. Afif, damn that would have sounded soooo cool! I would have make a good doctor you know. I have no problem with bloods and guts and I'd be delighted to check out all the girls, uhh did I say girls? I mean patients ha ha ha!

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