God save Pepe Reina

Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1 (Liverpool went through 4-1 on penalties)

To be honest, long before the match started I was prepared for the worst. Coming into the match with a one goal deficit I feel we had an uphill task scoring a goal against Chelsea, even at Anfield. But like any true Liverpool supporters I have hope in my heart. I hoped that we will score an equalizer and drag the match to penalties AND THAT EXACTLY WHAT HAPENNED! It was a nerve-wrecking, nail-biting 130 minutes for The Reds and Blues supporters alike. That only goal by Reds defender Daniel Agger (of all people) set the world alights at Anfield. Suddenly we’re equal and there’s a serious possibility that we might make it to the final again!

The goal by Daniel Agger

As you would expect, Chelsea responded strongly after that goal. Although we had the upper hand in ball possession (about 60%), The Blues wasted no time on the offensive and Pepe Reina (our goalkeeper) had to produce several outstanding saves to stop Chelsea from getting that pivotal away goal. And the match could have been settled in extra time if that Dirk Kuyt strike wasn’t ruled out for offside. Furthermore I seriously think Lady Luck was smiling on us yesterday cause I felt the referee made a few favourable decisions for us, everything was going right for Liverpool even the commentators was on our side! (How everybody loves to hate Chelsea!)

So we survived the 120 minutes and the match had to be decided with penalties. Now Chelsea’s Petr Cech is unquestionably one of the best goal keepers in the world and he produced numerous world-class saves to deny Liverpool additional goals in the match. But even the world’s best goal keeper was somewhat shaken by the legendary Anfield crowd because he didn’t manage to save a single penalty kick from the Liverpool penalty takers. Although Dirk Kuyt scored the winning penalty, Pepe Riena was irrefutably our hero of the day after he maintained his cool and composure to save Arjen Robben’s and Geremi’s spot kicks. And so there were tears of joy and happiness once again at Anfield (and Taman Universiti) after the boys secured a place in Athens on the 23rd of May. I don’t care if it’s Man U or Milan, we got virtually one hand on the European Cup already and I got the feeling we’re gonna win it again for the sixth time. It’s gonna be Istanbul 2005 all over again!

I don’t know what the Special One will whine about this time since there’s no phantom goal to speak of and we won it fair and square on the penalty shoot out. My message to the Sulky One, try to take failure in your stride for once will ya? (YOU SORE LOSER!). See you in Athens!

You’ll never walk alone.

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