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Mc Syze - Dancin'

[The swf video has been moved here]

First time I heard this song on tv I thought, damn this song is gooood! But I've never heard of Mc Syze (Mc who?) and it's nearly impossible to find this song anywhere on the Internet (until yesterday). He's one of those very good but underrated and underexposed local artiste ya know what I'm sayin'? I think he's got real potential but needs a lot of help in the promotion and marketing department. And then last month I heard this song again being sung by the group Colabr8 on the reality show Gangstarz at TV3 where they collaborated with that cute little girl who sang so well other groups were like jealous of them?

Anyway, got my hand on this vc yesterday by the man himself, Mc Syze singin' and dancing' with his hommies featuring Brickfields in all it's glory. How the heck did those guys trespass onto those railway tracks and got away with it?

mp3 here [4.3 MB]

swf video here [18.9 MB]

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