Make us dream

A.C Milan vs Liverpool FC
UEFA Champions League Final
Athens, Greece
19:45 GMT

Well this is it. On Thursday morning, the eyes, prayers and dreams of every single Liverpool fan across the world, will be well and truly focused on Athens, as we kick off against AC Milan in the Champions League final. I just can’t wait for things to get started, even typing that last line has sent a shiver up my spine, I think if I get any more excited I might very well explode! I can picture the news headline tonight: "One Liverpool fan exploded with excitement" :)

While I have a lot of respect for AC Milan, some of the noises coming out of their camp over the past couple of weeks have done nothing but provide me with an extra bit of confidence. It seems that many of their players such as Cafu, Kaka and Gattuso, have been full of talk about revenge for their Istanbul defeat.

Apparently they are pissed off about the fact that we had the cheek to refuse to lay down and die when we were 3-0 down in that game, but that’s fine because if those thoughts are still eating away inside their minds, it can only be good news for us. Besides, we had all this ridiculous revenge talk from Chelsky before our semi final, but it didn’t do them any good and I don’t expect it will do Milan any good either.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank their manager Carlos Ancelotti. I thought it was a great sporting gesture on his part, to help Rafa with his pre-match talk to the players by stating in a recent interview that Liverpool were the worst team of the four semi finalists and nothing but a long ball team etc. Cheers Carlos, I’m sure Rafa will have a copy of that interview pinned to our dressing room wall as an extra little motivational tool for the lads.

I also think we should be thankful to United boss Alex Ferguson. Not only has he also provided our lads with a nice little piece of motivation by stating that he is “absolutely certain” Milan will beat us in the final, but his ridiculous tactics in the second leg of their semi at the San Siro, has provided Rafa with a nice little training video of exactly what not to do. If we give the Milan players time and space, and our midfield stands back and admires the likes of Kaka and co, instead of actually tackling them, then there is a real danger that we will be demolished and embarrassed in much the same way as they were. So thanks for the reminder Alex, (you idiot!)

As for tonight, there's little hope that I can ever sleep first and wake up later at 2 a.m, not with so much fervor and excitement. This time I had applied for my leave long beforehand and on the correct day too. Last time I miscalculated the different time zones between here and Europe and end up taking a leave a day before instead (silly me!).

Before the final in 2005 I was desperately hoping we would win, this time I know we can. Of course, being Liverpool I don’t expect we’ll do things the easy way and no doubt we’ll be given a few frights along the way. I don't expect it would be the same heart-stopping 3-3 draw again this year in Athens. But IF we did go down 3-0 at again on the break, just remember that infamous Rafa Benitez half time talk that inspired our legendary comeback:-

"Don't let your heads drop.

All the players who go on the pitch after half-time have to keep their heads held high.

We are Liverpool.

You are playing for Liverpool.

Do not forget that.

You have to hold your heads high for the supporters.

You have to do it for them.

You cannot call yourselves Liverpool players if you have
your heads down.

If we create a few chances we have the possibility of
getting back into this.

Believe you can do it and you will.

Give yourself the chance
to be heroes."

(Rafa Benitez – Half time.
Ataturk Stadium. Istanbul.
25th May 2005)

That's right. Give yourself the chance to be heroes. We truly deserve to be there tonight. If we win it, that would be fantastic. If we don't, walk on and keep your head up high and remember, you'll never walk alone...

Make us dream (again!).

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