Weekend round up

I'm sure my millions of loyal fans of this hugely popular & exciting blog must be dying to know what I did over the weekend rightttt? (note the sarcasm). Well, on Saturday I took my family sight-seeing around KLCC in KL and then we went shopping at Jusco later in the afternoon. On Sunday, I helped Linda to clean the house and then I washed my dirty car for 2 hours and then go for a jog around the neighborhood for 45 minutes.

Actually those are the things that I wished I had done during the weekend but on Friday I got myself this notebook from a friend who asked me to split the hard drive into two partitions. So as usual I backed up everything on the notebook and that's when I found the (almost) complete 2 seasons of the Prison Break tv series, Grey's Anatomy and Kitchen Confidential. Before you know it, I spend the whole weekend watching 2 seasons of Prison Break at home, putting everything else that I should been doing on hold. At first I plan to watch like 3 episodes per day but the show was full of suspense, thrill and drama, I just kept on watching until like 1 in the morning on Friday and spent the whole Saturday and Sunday watching them as well since they're so addictive. Once you start, it so hard to stop!

In case you just came back from Mars, the Prison Break tv series revolves around a man who was sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit and his brother's elaborate plan to help him escape his death sentence. I think the show is like in it's 3rd season in the States and Astro but only at the beginning of the 2nd season on 8tv or something. I like Prison Break because the show demonstrates how difficult times brings out the best and the worst of people plus Wentworth Miller is like totally hot and Sarah Wayne Callies is even hotter! Ok enough Prison Break already, now I'm off to learn how to make origami birds.

Anyway we did went to Jusco for some groceries on Sunday. I don't mean to brag but I'm now officially a registered voter (big deal!) with the Elections Commission. They set up a desk in Jusco during the weekend so that real lazy busy people like me can register while we do our shopping. I missed my chance of voting in the last general election cause I didn't bother to register plus the (misleading) fact that I thought I had to return back to Pasir Mas before I can register myself. So I found out yesterday, I can in fact register anywhere in the country to be a voter. It's just come the general (or by) election, I can only vote at the address printed on my I.C (in my case, Pasir Mas). I've been thinking of changing the address on my I.C to my mother's address in Sri Serdang but then I thought my vote would be more important back home in Pasir Mas than say Selangor cause my hommies there could surely do with more development and stuff (ye ke?).

Speaking of Jusco, if you happen to come to this Jusco in Equine Park, Seri Kembangan, I strongly advise you avoid the Jusco food court (called Arena) at all cost. I've been there like half a dozen times already and the food there just kept getting worse every time. The chicken rice sucks, the mamak food is tasteless, the clay pot is bland in short everything there is simply bad. I mean even Patrick can cook up something better than them!

In another development, my life's weather forecast is looking dark and gloomy in the near future. Found out today it's 2 months not one without mileage claim for the Famous Five. I'm officially the person with the lowest moral here in this company. If this what they planned to do all along, well I must say it truly worked. So today I skipped lunch just so that I can feed Adam for dinner (so sad!). Tomorrow morning I'll be sitting on the office's corridor with a cup in hand, mwahahaha!

Life sucks and some people can be really mean sometimes but I just have to carry on and take it in my stride.
As for this, I'm sorry if I my gentle readers found it to be troublesome to read and all. It's just sometimes I deliberately post in French/Spanish/German/Arabic/Russian so that if the person I intended the post to does read it someday, he/she won't understand. Well, that's what I hoped anyway. I'm pretty sure even the most-advanced translator software/website out there cannot translate what I wrote 100% correct. That's the general idea.

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