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Labour Day my family and I went to visit a few relatives around town. First stop, Lina’s place in Shah Alam. I’ve never been to her new house in Section 17 yet so it’s about time that I visit them. It was during the journey to there that mother dropped The Bomb (no I don’t mean she farted). Anyway, Lina was her usual plump cheerful self, her 1 year old Zuhairi can almost stand on his own, moody hubby Zaidi was in a pretty good mood yesterday – he even treated us with 2 large pizzas (thanks man).

Little Hairi looks exactly like Zaidi, I wonder if they're related or something.

Next we went shopping in Mutiara Damansara. IKEA was crowded but not that crowded. The new summer collection is out right now I saw a lot of new stuff on sale there. Adam was his super-naughty self again, running all over the place bumping into people. I’m soooo not bringing you anywhere again kid!

Adam simply had to sit up front.

Then we went to uncle Din’s place at section 5 Kota Damansara. It was sort of a little family get together since my other uncle, uncle Dib came over from Sungai Buloh to be with us. We chit-chatted and exchanged gossips. Everybody was commenting about Adam’s big and curly hair. Oy leave my kid alone will ya? (At least he’s not FAT!). Speaking of which, my cousin Fatin was a lot thinner this time around, I think she took my last snide remark comment seriously ha! If only they knew about old man with 9 kids, how I’d like to hear what they think about that.

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