Weekend update

Had to work half day on Saturday. After a super boring lively department meeting for 4 hours straight, I went home to pick up Adam and wait for wifey to call me to pick her up. She did call but she asked to go to Mid Valley to buy something. Since I always complain about spending too much time with her at the mall before, I thought why not I let her go alone this time although this means I had to look after Adam at home instead (I wanna sleep!!). In the end I gave in and stayed home with Adam.

BAD PATRICK!! BANG! BANG! (Adam giving Patrick a piece of his mind.)
Which proved to be a mistake because I only get to sleep for around 15 minutes before Adam started picking up my nose, pulling my ears and began bouncing merrily on my back. So I grudgingly wake up and shove put him into the car and drove around to find something to eat.

Uhh, are we there yet?

So there we were driving around town to no place in particular. Just me, Adam and Patrick. Thank God for Patrick. I'd lose my sanity if it wasn't for him. He's responsible for keeping order and calm in my car while I'm driving. Adam can turn into a little MONSTER at times when he's alone with me in the car. No point fasting/restraining him to a seat belt whatsoever, he'd probably cry his head off if I do that.

In the end we went to KFC in Sri Serdang for lunch. We hung around the place for like 2 hours waiting for Linda before she finally call. Turned out she just came back from a shopping spree at Mid Valley. Bought herself 2 new shoes, several household items (I didn't know we need a new pan?) and a pair of shoes for Adam and not forgetting she got me Pizza Hut™'s Pasta Pefetto Bolognaise Supreme™ (how thoughtful of her!). Of course I sulked don't mind she didn't buy me anything. She totally deserve to indulge on a little shopping therapy after her recent raise. I know I can't afford to give her everything and I'd probably say no to half the things she bought if I went along that day so it's okay honey :)

Gosh, I didn't know we have twins!

On we Sunday went to Alamanda in Putrajaya. We had to get a new iron since Adam deliberately accidentally broke the old one to pieces. It's been a while since we last went there and the place hasn't change much. I saw this cool yellow Nike Malaysian National Football team sweater* at Al-Ikhsan but at RM279 I'd say we probably qualify for the World Cup first before I can afford it :) And there's this new Hello Kitty toys in the Happy Meal set which I think somebody would go ga ga over :P We'd stay longer there if it wasn't for Adam. After an hour had past he started doing breast strokes (again) at the concourse area. So we decided to act like we didn't know him and quickly walk away before he finally get up and make a run for us.

So that's how our weekend has been. Tomorrow work one more day and got 2 days off after that yay!

*So guys, now you know what to get for my birthday!


  1. Patrick is sooooo cute! Hehe.. but spongebob is a lot better I think. =p why not buy one for adam? =)
    I would ask one from my dad. =P

  2. Hi there Mira!

    I don't think Adam & Patrick can be in the same room together (he's kind of jealous of Patrick and me).

    Thanks for dropping by :)