Meet the family: Izni

Meet Nor Izni my younger sister also the youngest of my siblings.

Izni was born 25th of June, 1983 in Kuala Lumpur General Hospital (hey just like me!). Like everybody else she also went to SRK Sultan Ibrahim (2) in Pasir Mas and later to a boarding school named SM Dato’ Ahmad Maher in Kota Bharu. Izni was this sweet, mild-mannered, obedient child and I never-ever get into a fight with her. On the other hand, I’d always get into some squabble with Faiz and Lina on one thing or another. We usually call her Adik or just Jeni since she's the youngest of our siblings. Growing up, she got some influence from me particularly in her music taste. We did have more or less the same music preference such as modern rock, r&b and stuff right Jeni?

Izni has always been the brainy one in the family (aside from me, ahem). She got like excellent results in her PMR and SPM and soon she was doing her matriculation in Arau, Perlis. As expected, she got excellent results there too and was even awarded a scholarship by Shell to further her studies in UPM. She totally freaked me out when she decided to pursue a degree in Maths. I thought only people like Einstein would take up subject like Maths and mere mortals like us would study computer science or TESL or something. But she proved her critics wrong by graduating with flying colours some 3 years later. We're so proud of her:)

A few months after graduation she was offered a job as a lecturer in some Mara College in Johore Bharu which she promptly accepted. So now she's currently living and working in JB city. She's my mom's and grandma's fave child now that she's working and all. My grandma like goes there all the time to see Izni and just to hang out with her. She doesn't normally like to drive and she'd never driven a car for 2 years after getting her license. But since she's working so far away now she just had to re-learn how to drive. Today though she can drive like Fernando Alonso some more!

She used to date this Megat guy during her uni days. They got along well for some 2 years or so, broke up, got together again and broke up for good late last year. One thing for sure, this Megat dude really knows how to find his way into my mother’s heart cause my mom seemed to like him a lot. I felt a little sorry for that guy and he must be devastated to break up in the end after all that he’s done. But I trust my lil sister’s judgement cause maybe that Megat dude tried something funny on her that’s why she dumped him (aha!).

Okay-okay I just made that up. Well, we’ll never know for sure cause she’s rather secretive with her love life. Anyway, she deserves someone better than him you know someone who’s better looking and less sweaty or who doesn’t smoke?. I’d say Fahrin Ahmad would be just right for her, tall, handsome and he’s like totally hot! Forget about Linda Onn, she’s like so whatever!! He totally deserve someone better too right?

Picture on the right looked like she got electric shock or something!

Anyway, rumours has it she’s going out with someone else right now. They went out together earlier this year although she wouldn’t say who he is. This new guy is soooo secret, we don’t know if he even exists! Nevertheless, yo Fahrin, if you’re like interested with my sis, you can contact her at iznirais[at]gmail[dot]com. Sure anybody else can try their luck but they all have to go through his bonzer brader first (a.k.a me).

Just kidding sis! Of course I don’t have any say in who she chooses as her life companion. Even my mother had a hard time trying to convince her to pick Megat (my mom kept a photo of both of them in her bedroom, by the way). Plus she’s still young and all, go enjoy life while you can!

From left: Lina, Faiz, Izni, mother and yours truly..

Owh, don’t you think that guy in blue t-shirt is like TOTALLY HOT!! If I was a girl, I’d totally marry him and have babies with him!!

Coming up next: Faiz

Of course she looked better in real life than some of the photos above but they're the best I can find, so sorry sis!


  1. y, u look so different from your other siblings.

    u sure you belong to the family ur in ah?


    sorry no offense babe!

    P/s: So, faiz next? tot u oredi wrote sumthing about him what..

  2. I know!! It's like I was switched at birth with that Tom Cruise dude!

    Yeah I did wrote something about Faiz at Friendster but there's more where that came from, you'll see.

  3. owh.. what the heck?!

  4. im glad she dumbed the guy.. maybe she/he deserved a better person :)