Will work for money

You see here in my company, half the staff are required to travel a lot to site offices and associate companies to do their work and stuff (including me). So we'll like use our money first to pay for the expenses first (fuel, toll, parking etc) and at the start of the month, submit our travel & transportation claims to the HRA to be processed. And if everything goes well, we'll get our claim money deposited by the 15th of the month (the latest) but usually earlier than that. Unless of course something happened and the boss decides to hold your claim because he can.

Well something DID happened this month and somehow he felt that certain workers is not doing their job well enough e.g: going to the site late, fooling around at work, that kind of sheet. I don't wanna point fingers but I have a pretty good idea who's fault is this. (@#$%&* you!)

In a related incident some time last week, I have to go to like 3 places that day let's say P, O and G. At location P I have to deliver this printer and collect some pcs, invoices and a check. At location O I had to attend a routine troubleshooting job to fix something wrong with their network printer. So you see I can't go to location O first since then I'll have to leave the printer in my car if I did. That is not advisable really unless you don't mind your car broken into. To cut the story short, I did spent a while longer at location P because something came up and the boss at O was not too pleased waiting so long for me to arrive so he called my boss directly asking when will I arrive.

When anybody directly calls my boss like that, that can only mean trouble for us. My boss was not pleased of course. He thought I should have gone to O first cause delivering printers is not as important as entertaining this guy at O. Of course he don't care if anything happens to my car or why I went to P first. I'm not that important you know. He just thought I got my priorities wrong. Therefore I think I also got something to do with this mess (sorry guys!).

The point is, he stalled our claim payment for last month, all 6 of us. That's why we're feeling so crappy (and broke) at the moment. Furthermore, some us of doesn't earn that much every month so when the claim doesn't come in on time, he'll be having some serious financial difficulty for sure.

I know The Management have every right to punish our shortcomings in one way or another but this is just too much.

We could act rebellious and refuse to go out anywhere but then there SURELY be more repercussions after that.

Just to let somebody know, we will work for money and before that we could do with some money to start working get it?

Owh Afif, eres tan valiente escribir todo el esto...

Well.. of course I'm so screwed if he ever finds out!!

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