Adam Development Update (ADU)

Meet Adam Farihin, 2.4 years old from Seri Kembangan in Selangor. He works full time eating, sleeping, playing and driving his mom and dad MAD!

He likes McDonald's very much especially their french fries. He can spot a McDonald's signage from miles away and asks his parent politely "let's go to McDonald's!". Sometimes his parent will take him there but most of the time they'll just ignore him cause else he'd be one of those overweight kid by now.
He also loves to sing and dance and one of his favourite tune is Pencinta wanita by Irwansyah. He already memorized like half the lyrics and would sing along, dance and strum his imaginary guitar whenever the song is playing. It's sooooo cute and funny, I could die from cute overload!

He also loves other songs like Berdua lebih baik and My Heart (in fact he likes every song in the Heart movie soundtrack) but he only can sing the last word of each line like:

berdua dengan mu..
pasti lebih baik..
aku yakin ituuuu..
bila sendiri....

(the one he remembers in bold)

It's still so ridiculously cute and I can't stop laughing every time he does that!

And sometimes when his mom scold him and gave him a lecture on what he did wrong he would initially listen and when she's finished he would cheekily say "paham tak?"

He always bug me to take him to the grocery store (kedai) so that he can get some sweets and when I refuse and say "tak nak" he would reply "tak nak, sudah.."

He can understand now when his mom or dad got to go to work and asks "Papa pergi mana tuuu?" and when I say "Papa pergi kerja sayang" he won't cry or throw a tantrum now and he'd wave to his papa at the door until I'm out of sight (so touching, sob..!)

That's what my Adam is like so far, don't grow up too soon now! :)

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