Productive day at work

Tada!! Guess what? It's time for some funny photo captions again !!!

Caveman parade

"This parade is so easy even a caveman can enter!"

Every circus rejected Ahmed and his band of fools.

"STOP, STOP The rope is wrapped around my wooly mammoth."

"Damn! I forgot it was gay-ride-a-wooly-mammoth-to-work day. I'll have to go home and change."

Deleted scenes from Sesame Street

"We're going to Rin's partay! Yay!! What da ya mean we're not invited?? Owh you mean the theme is Dora not Tora the caveman?"

Please hold

“Yes, Doctor, the erection has lasted more than 72 hours. What should I do?”

“If you don't deliver my pizza in under 30 minutes, the woman gets it!”

"Hello, 911? I want to report a stalker. Yes ... I'll hold."

“I can't talk right now, I think my wife suspects something.”

“Yes, I know it looks odd, but out here it's the only way we can get the phone to work.”

“Whatever ... just stop sucking my shirt.”

“No, she can't hear anything now.”

"Now, now, it's okay if Afif hates you Martha, I'll get Dijah to watch your show"

"No honey you got it wrong, it's Fu-yoh not Fu-foh..."

Super Dog

“Now to save the world, but first, where is that hydrant?”

“Please! Will someone just shoot me with kryptonite already?”

When Lois broke up with Clark it was the dog that suffered most.

"I'm with STUPID!”

"That's it, I'm not asking Dad of four to design my costume ever again!!"

Private moron

Saving Private Moron.

Cooooome on Jetski ... come on ...”

Azrin got a little excited for that Maritime Liutenant interview.

"Caribbean cruise my ass !"

"Dang, I should have stopped and asked for directions.."

"This is hard man! I wish I had taken that statistician job instead..."

"If Rin don't answer my tag again, I'm gonna jump of this boat, helmets and all..."

"Okay I'm set for my journey to London, now if only I could find the paddle.."

"I know Bikini Bottom is round here somewhere... Owh look! Hi Patrick! Hi Sandy!"

Talk to the finger

"Do not oppose, thumb... it is pointless to resist."

"Wait... I have two kids?

"That's Vader with a V."

"Dang. How does Nimoy do it?"

It's a movie. Two words...

"... and number 2, I don't read Zukky's blog just because she's hot okay? Don't get any ideas..."

"Aney, roti bom dua kuah kasi banjir arr.."

A day at Borders

"I can't read a thing in this helmet."

"Wow, I have to recommend this book to Chad!

"Let's see, mind tricks, nope... impress people with your marksmanship, darn it... display your uniqueness and individuality for all to see, aww, come on!"

"Chapter 4: Always Make Eye Contact"... Dang!

"This chapter's dull. Move on to the next one."

"I'm so glad Rin suggested this book for me, it's AMAZING!!"

"So, frogs ARE reptiles! I knew I was right all along!"

Afif had too much free time at the office again.. :)


  1. I think somebody should fire this guy ha ha!

  2. Meesa don't like anonymous people

  3. Waaaarrghahahahah~!!! I am working on a saturday and this certainly cheers me up...I love you caption for the storm trooper. Simply Whack man~!!!

  4. Unfortunately most of the are not mine so credits should go to the original poster (whoever they are). I just compile them here only :)