Once upon a time in SMACH...

The crush

When I was in form 2, I had my first ever crush on this girl named Rose Iriyanti Saidin (what is it with me and girls named Rose??). She was in another class and I've been keeping an eye on her for quite some time but I didn't have the guts to say hi to her or anything. So I just kept looking at her from a distance and smiled a little everytime we met. Being just an ordinary looking 14 year old with no special abilities to speak of, I'm pretty sure she didn't know I even exist. For the first time though I had that you know, flowery feeling like I'm feeling happy and rosy all the time - that kind of feeling? It's like I look forward to come to class everyday just happy to see her even if it's only for a while...

Anyway, for preparation (prep) class, the boys and girls were separated you know, boys in one class and girls in another. So I happen to sit in Rose's class and deliberately sat at her desk. One day I braved myself to write her a letter spelling out my admiration for her and stuff and leave it in her pencil case.

The next day to my delight, she replied my letter and wrote something like "oh okay" or whatever (I can't remember the exact details) and she also asked my favour to find her missing pen (or whatever). Encouraged by this positive start, I wrote her another letter pledging that I'll get to the bottom of the case of her missing pen (something like that)

The next day however, some pesky boy went through her desk and found my letter and before you know it, the entire form 2 knew about our correspondence! Embarrassed as I was but I kept it cool and acted like nothing happened. My close friends and classmates were less then sympathetic to us and like whenever Rose walked in front of our class or when we met at the canteen or wherever, everybody started making noise, calling out our name, whistling and stuff. That's sooo immature of them!!! Then again what else you expect from some 14 years old? Dating, couple-ing, boy/girlfriends were literally unheard of in my school especially at my age so no wonder they made so much fuss of it.

Anyway, I had to endure their taunt and teasing for a couple of weeks before it eventually died down. Let's say Rose and I never get further than that correspondence stage cause obviously she had an equally tough time with her fellow friends. I can totally understand her predicament so I decided to just forget about it.

That's how my first crush turned out to be and I learned a few valuable lessons from it like:

  • Never-ever leave your correspondence in a pencil case (give it to her friend for goodness sake!)
  • 14 year olds are sooo immature!

Of course I had several more crushes and infatuations after that in my school but I just kept it to myself. Sigh.

Mais ce qui si Rose lit votre blog aujourd'hui ?

Nah, I’m pretty sure Rose Iriyanti doesn’t read my blog. I doubt she even knew I'm alive heh!


  1. omigod..that's so embarrasing ok!

    maybe u can try find her at kawanaku.com..


  2. even if u passed it to her friend, she could hv still innocently left it in her pencil case. haha

    ala biasa la school crushes. embarassing no doubt, but in a way makes ur life colorful. Tul tak?

    What's with the name Rose anyway???

  3. Afif... quel blog gentil. Vous étiez tout à fait mûr parmi le sort, huh !

  4. Merci DOF, Bien que je n'aie aucune idée ce que vous avez dit ha ha!

  5. lah...Kau minat kat Tanty ke?..isk..isk..isk...Hehehe...Tanty jadi Awek aku dr form 2 sampai form 3...that time..aku form 4..i'm ur senior by the way..if u knew me...u will know that...hahaha...Tanty skarang dah pakai Purdah beb & happily married...itu jer yg aku tahu...

  6. eh.. ada jgk org cakap pasal kawan aku ni.. haha.. tanty..dia kawan sekmpg aku.. best friend aku masa skolah rendah. walaupun dia skolah kt kelantan, aku skolah kampung je..tp kitorg stil contact. tanty ada crita gak pasal dia kwn dgn somebody tp dia bgtau aku sebab utama dia kawan dgn senior dia sbb dia nk elakkan mulut org ckp mcm2 kat dia. at least bila dia kwn dgn seseorg kurang skit la ckp2 blakang. kesian dia.. kalau ikutkan dia taknak ada boypren sampai dia masuk U. makbapak dia garang tau.. anak pak imam kampung.. tp..aku rasa dia tak pakai purdah. whateverla.. yg pastinya.. hubby dia lebih ensem dari laki aku.. hihi.. thanx afif for post. nnt aku suruh tanty baca.. kui..kui..

  7. Alah takyah la susah kak non oi. Dia musti banyak benda lain lagi nak buat!

  8. Dulu rose ni penolong ketua pengawas tu kat sekolah rendah. Tp tak garang pun, lemah lembut jer..

  9. Hi, im Rose Iriyanti's sister😆. I just gooogled her name and found this blog. I read this to my whole family and we laughed so hard 😂😂😂😂.