Pasar malam Serdang

Pasar malam is a Malay word that literally means night market, "Pasar" being related to "bazaar" in Persian.

A pasar malam is a market in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia that opens in the evening, usually in housing areas.

It brings together a collection of stalls that usually sell goods such as meat and poultry produce, fruit, vegetables, snacks, toys, clothes, and ornaments at cheap, reasonable prices.

Pasar malams often open only one to a few days of the week, as the traders rotate around different housing areas on different days of the week. The nearest pasar malam to where I live is in Seri Serdang. They're open every Friday and Monday from as early as 3 o'clock till around midnight.

Pasar malam and night markets are not to be confused. Pasar malams mostly open on weekends from 4pm to 11pm, around the housing areas, whereas night markets open every night.

I just love going to pasar malams cause the goods are usually very cheap and there's a wide variety of stuff to choose from. The traders usually sell their goods themselves without going through a middleman hence the lower price.
Here you can find a lot of stuff on sale and you can take your time choosing and bargaining with the traders plus they probably won't harass you if you change your mind and leave unlike those rude people in Petaling Street.

And all the vegetables, poultry and meats are usually very green and fresh. Competition is stiff here at the pasar malam so you can normally hear some high pitch yelling and shouting from the traders to woo the customers. That's why when we make so much noise in the office or classroom the boss/teacher will say "Apa bising-bising sangat ni? Ingat pasar malam ke apa!!"

I usually go to the pasar malam right after work to grab something to eat while the spouse go buy some groceries. We even prefer shopping our greens and meat from the pasar malam since they're like so cheap and fresh and all. It's just too bad they're not open everyday like Tesco.

Of course you need a proper license to sell your stuff at the pasar malam. You can try your luck like this durian seller but if the enforcement officers arrives then sendiri mau ingat la! (tough luck mate!). The pasar malam is a fine example of Malaysian cultural melting pot (huh, what's that?) where people of all races, even foreigners come along together to shop and stuff. So people, support your local pasar malam and bring your family there this weekend!


  1. Congrats dh creat your own blog. Tp cam ada yg x kena la: suram jer.. Cuba la ubah background putih tu kasi ceria ckit, cam tgh berkabung kucing br mati je.. Huhu..

  2. Emm betul la tu, si Tompok saya baru je mati semalam, mana tau niii??

    Ok lah, nanti aku tukar bakcground bulat-bulat/warna-warni yang ceria sekali! :P

  3. hmmm bulat..yumms bulat with a hole in the middle..

    hey afif belanje i dunkin donut!!!


  5. I luuuuuurve donuts! In fact i love scones,cinnamon rolls, eclairs, apple danish, strudels and waffles too, just to name a few...

    Okay, I'm officially hungry now!

  6. wah... lamanya aku tak ke pasar malam...

  7. is150, since you dah lama tak ke pasar malam jom kita go together-gether malam ni!!

    i nak beli belon!!