12 things to do before I die

Life is short and you’ll never know when you gonna die so I thought I better start listing several things I’d like very much to do before I die. They even made a dedicated website here at 2dobeforeidie.com where people exchange lists, stories and ideas about stuff they wanna do (before they die). So here's my list.

1. Have a baby girl
Picture borrowed from Dooce.com

Not that I mind having boys it's just I think baby girls are sooo0 adorable and twice as cute! And perhaps they're less naughty and would actually listen to me, for once?

2. Watch Liverpool beat Manchester United live at Anfield

A 7-0 score line would be fantastic!! And I'd like to see Rooney, Ronaldo, Giggs and Ferdinand sent off (Rooney 4 match ban also).

3. Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway

Although not as romantic as the Orient Express or as fast as the Shinkansen bullet train, somehow I felt compelled to try this particular train service. The Trans-Siberian Railway runs from Moscow to Vladivostok (that's over 9000 km), spanning 8 time zones and taking 7 days to complete. I hope they have Astro installed ha ha!

4. Bungee jump
Preferably in New Zealand (maybe after that I can visit Frodo ha ha ha!).

5. Travel to 100 countries
I know this one is quite cliché and like everybody got this on their list but what the heck.

6. Buy a house in Putrajaya
They have such nice homes there.

7. BASE jump / sky dive.
BASE jumping is a sport involving the use of a parachute to jump from fixed objects like Buildings, Antenna (an uninhabited tower such as an aerial mast), Span (a bridge or arch) or Earth (a cliff or other natural formation). Unlike skydiving, BASE jumping involves lower altitude and lower airspeed so lower the risk. But I'd like to try the two of them anyway whichever comes first. Did I tell you I'm an adrenaline junkie? Intense or dangerous sport activities give me real satisfaction. Too bad most of them are so damn expensive.

8. Shop in the Akihabara district.

Akihabara (in Tokyo) is best-known as one of the largest shopping areas on Earth for electronic, computer, anime, and otaku goods, including new and used items. Now this is my idea of a true shopping heaven!

9. Watch the Malaysian national football team play in the World Cup Finals

Instead of rooting for the usual England, Brazil or Italy, I'd like to see the national team actually qualifies for the Finals? If the likes of Togo or Trinidad & Tobago can make it, why the hell can't we? Come on, try harder you slackers!

10. Make my mother and my wife really-really happy.

Not that they're unhappy with me now or anything it's just I wanna do or accomplish something big/special for them you know, make them really proud of me...

11. Perform the Hajj

Well, I suppose every decent Muslim should wanna do this at some point of their life...

12. Visit Sweden

Aaaah Sweden. How I'd like to meet all the beautiful Scandinavian ,girls people, shop at IKEA, sample the (halal) meatballs, hike along the fjords and wrestle with the rein deers (while dancing to the tunes of ABBA of course ha ha!). This is the place I'd like to visit very much although I'm just too cool to admit it :P

12.b Ride a really huge roller-coaster

Since no 12 is part of no 5, I'm gonna add this one to the list. Yeah I'd never ridden a roller-coaster before (not even in Genting). I heard Six Flags theme park in the U.S got some really huge and awesome roller-coaster. I'd like to try that one day.

Except for number 9, everything I'd like to do above simply requires money (lots and lots of them) so I guess I'm gonna have to be loaded with them first (sigh!) before I can achieve any of them (more sigh!).

Apart from that, one thing I'd like to do after I die is to donate my organs to people who needs them (remember this Linda, Adam!).

And of course it would be more fun if we can find out what my friends would like to do before they die so I'm gonna turn this into a meme and tag 5 lucky people. Of course you don't have to include pictures or lengthy descriptions like I did, just 12 (or more/less) simple lists would suffice and afterward you can tag 5 more people and so on. So our very lucky bloggers for today are:


  1. My dear, I have tagged you back. It's an easy one..:)

    Will try to do this one soon insh.

    Need some thought!

  2. Oh nooooo!! I knew this was coming!

    Let's just say I'll do it IF Liverpool wins tonight...

    Just kidding!
    I'll post it Friday :)

  3. could have at least tagged me by a deep link so I would have noticed... now then....another tag to do....

    you'll have my Evil Tag (Part DEUX) to revert as a result of this....heh heh heh...just prepare 7 people!

  4. lol gogogo liverpool yeh?!