Somewhere, in a galaxy far-far away

There are a few places that come to my mind when I think about travel. No I’m not interested to visit romantic Paris or bustling New York or historic Rome. For me I’d like to go to a place a little bit far away than the usual touristy places.

I’ve been contemplating to go places like Tatooine (too dry), Dagobah (too swampy), Alderaan (blasted to oblivion), Endor (too many Ewoks) or to Coruscant (too crowded). After much thought, I’ve decide to visit the idyllic planet Naboo somewhere in a galaxy far-far away.

Located close to the border of the Outer Rim Territories, Naboo is inhabited by peaceful humans known as the Naboo, and an indigenous species of intelligent amphibians called the Gungans.

Although located some 34 million light years away, a regular non-stop flight on board Air Asia usually takes around 72 hours from Pasir Mas Launch Pad to the Trade Federation ISS (pic above). Some people claim they get there faster via Air Nepal if you’re willing to board a plane full of Nepalese that is. Return tickets costs between 24000 to 50000 republic credits but they usually give special discounts to pregnant women, dad of fours, Malaysian housewives, ISP consultants and if your nick name is Bob (like in Spongebob). Why? I have no idea really.

One thing I noticed, the stewardess was a rather grumpy lot so I you don’t go making jokes like “Excuse me ma’am, where do you keep the parachute?” or “So this little yellow button is for the ejector seat right?”. Trust me, they won’t be amused.

From the ISS you’ll have to take the shuttle bus at Platform 9¾ to go to their beautiful capital, Theed built atop a plunging cliff-face lined with breath-taking waterfalls and ancient and majestic buildings, home to the elected Queen of Naboo (named Amida something).

Naboo's surface consists of swampy lakes, rolling plains and green hills. This planet is home to some 600 million inhabitants ranging from humans, Gungans, Falumpaset, Rokiahs and the Ketumpets. Naboo's river cities boast a number of magnificent buildings with classical architecture and greenery, while the underwater Gungan settlements are a beautiful display of exotic hydrostatic bubble technology (whatever that means).

The city folks are very friendly and nice but they usually wore really fancy costumes, it’s like they’re from a scene in Star Wars or something, WEIRD!!! Again, please don’t go making crude remarks like “I don’t know it’s Halloween already!” or “Dude, what have you done with my mom’s curtains?” It’s an offence to make fun of Naboo city folks and you’re liable for a fine up to 200 Republic Credits. Furthermore, it’s common sense not to make fun of other people customs really.

One of the main tourist attractions is the Koowalalumpa Lake located right in the middle of Naboo City. It is believed that a dip in this magnificent lake will make your skin radiant and shiny. But of course Rin already found a much easier way to achieve that (wink-wink;).

If you happen to visit on the 24th of November, you can catch the famous Trade Federation parade along Padang Tembak at the outskirts of the city. You are advised to be mindful of your kids because who knows they might stray into Subang Parade Mit Berry shopping mall nearby (yes they’ve got Subang Parade Mid Valley on Naboo as well, unbelievable!).

The Gungans are generally warm and cheerful but they talk rather strange like “Mesa like yousa sockas, yousa given to mesa puhleeza?” (Nice socks! Now hand it over or else..).

One place you definitely must visit is the Naboo Lake Retreat. This gorgeous lakeside resort features crystal clear waters surrounded by lovely rolling hills and is a favourite choice for newlyweds on their honeymoon. You can go for a gondola ride paddled by horny hot Italians around the lake or just chill out at their luxurious hillside villas while watching the marvelous sunset.

You can also go for a lovely picnic by the glorious cascading waterfall available only on Naboo. That’s me and Linda by the way. :P

Of course Naboo is nothing compared to Granada or Disneyland or the Caribbean but I highly recommend this place if you’ve got a few million Republic Credits to spare, you love inter-planetary travel and you’re a fan of Jar Jar Binks!

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    You can reach NaBoo on Virgin InterGalactic (it does exist now already) for at least US$10 to the moon!


  6. Virgin InterGalactic? Uhh I'm not so sure about that. Last time I heard they got snakes on that plane ! HA HA HA!