Once upon a time in SMACH...

My first time

It was post PMR and the form 3 students got no class to go and pretty much nothing to do except join some inter-classroom games held every other day while waiting for school term to end. So our teachers and wardens thought why not give the kids a break and gave us free access to the TV/recreational room in the evening. They even let us bring some movie tapes to watch during the weekend which proved to be too much for us. Why? Here's the story.

It was just a regular weekdays night and as usual I decided to hang out in the TV room to watch some TV (duh!). Anyway when I got there, the TV room was exceptionally quiet. Normally you can hear the boys chatting and making so much noise clearly from the next hostel's block. But not that night, suddenly the boys was very well-behaved for some strange reason. So I joined them and there they was watching a video tape. Soon I found out that the video was about a white chick getting humped by a white dude and they were making some pretty weird sounds. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what's that all about so I being a normal 15 years old the good student as I was back then watched the video with them to the very end quickly made my way out of the room and grabbed a book to read instead.

So yeah, that was my first encounter with porn. Of course I didn't make this up. Just ask any students of my batch (SPM 97) and they'll relate to you the very same story. Of course the kid who brought that tape in the first place got transferred to another school soon after that. He meant to kept it a secret you know watch it with his close friends but who was his kidding? I mean sooner or later the teachers/wardens will definitely find out. You can't sweep this elephant under the rug!

That's how my friends spend their free time. Of course this only happens at SMACH :)

Not that I'm saying I'm proud of all that. It's just a story to share :P

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  1. 15 is rather late by today's standard