First Malaysian in space

"Hello Houston this is cosmonaut Afif calling from orbit, do you copy roger?"

"Copy Afif, but Roger's off for today but would you like to talk to Patrick instead? And why the heck are you calling Houston? I thought it's those Russians who sent you there??"

"Uhh, I don't know they gave me this number to call just before launch... Aww man , those people must be playing some kind of joke on me!"

Yeah, you heard me right. They actually decided to send me as the first Malaysian into space instead of those two clowns. Trust me, those guys don't know a thing about space travel, who were they kidding? (Too bad SUCKERS!!)

So here I am minding my own business in space, in fact I've just finished answering the call of nature just now. It's not easy doing it in zero gravity mind you. You got to aim properly or else you gonna see your waste floating around ha ha!

And contrary to popular belief, I'm not doing any of those teh-tarik, batik painting or batu seremban crap (what were they thinking!!!). We cosmonauts have better and more important things to do you know like this for example:

Yeah, that's me by the way rocking to the tune of "rasa sayang hey! rasa sayang-sayang heyyyy!!" (must be patriotic man!). And if Dr Sheikh and Dr. Faiz got some freaking problem with me being the first Malaysian in space, they need to take it out with me after I get back on Monday (LOSERS!!!).

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  1. Haven't u heard? This post is on the 2nd page on Google search for "First Malaysian in space?"