Dumb-ass frog

Every morning when I drive to the LRT/KTM Komuter station to drop off wifey, I will usually channel-surf between 4 radio stations namely Hot FM, Era, Hitz and Fly FM. Every morning on Hot FM they will run this short quiz where the listeners call up the station to answer 3 simple questions (Fakta atau Auta). Every morning also I will laugh out loud and curse those callers who failed to answer those really easy questions like the capital of Uganda (Kampala) or the real name of Madonna (Louise Veronica Ciccone), like my 2 years old can answer that!!!

So last week I decided to try my luck and call up the radio station myself. Actually Linda did all the dialling and re-dialling while I drive and we tried for 4 days and this morning we actually got through! I was excited and slightly nervous of course since it's been a while since I called any radio station (last time was like 8 years ago). Some sweet talking producer answered my call and she asked me my name and details and I waited like a minute before I finally get to talk to the two djs (Faizal Ismail & Fara Fauzana).

As usual, Fara Fauzana spelled my name wrong (she called me Hafiz) which is typical of so many people. It's either they got a really bad hearing or they're just plain insensitive. Anyway Fara shot me 3 questions. First, a frog is a reptile. I thought frog = crocs = lizards, must be correct! So I answered Fakta (true). Next question, the full name for actor Que Haidar is Tengku (insert full name here) something which sounded true enough so I answered Fakta again. Last question, Javier Saviola is a football player for Barcelona. I swore I heard she said Xavier Alonso so I thought, hey that's our Liverpool player! So I said Auta (false). Turned out I got only ONE correct out of three and I lost miserably to that other caller (a girl) who got two correct (sooooo embarrassing!). Okay maybe I didn't hear the last question properly but a frog, reptile? They're amphibians you dummy!!

Anyway, I still think they're giving me something cause the took down my address and stuff. Later I checked out their web site and guess what the winners get this week?

That's right, a stay at the brand new Carlton Holiday hotel in Shah Alam!!! That damn frog!!!!!

Yes, I'm blaming this solely on the frog. I'm so gonna try again next week. This isn't over yet!

Did I mention my voice sounded terrible on radio?


  1. hahahaha my 3yo would know that frogs are amphibians!!! ;P

  2. How am I supposed to know? I never take biology at school! So u can't blame me for that :P

    (It's the frog's fault!)

  3. Well, I bet her 3 years old also don't take biology but at least they know! ;)

  4. whoaa..give him a break people!

  5. Yeah, give the man a break!