Layers tag

Halwafy tagged me with this the other day so here goes...

Layer One: On the Outside
Name: Afif. Although my family call me Apit and my friends: Apip. (You call me Beckham/handsome I also turn ma! Ha ha!)
Birthdate: 24th November
Current status: Still searching… (just kidding! Linda, come back!!)
Eye color: Brownish
Hair Color: Purple (Does it matter? I shave my head like every 3 weeks anyway??)
Righty or Lefty: Right

Layer Two: On the Inside
My heritage: Malay + Thai + Mamak + 5% Scouser :)
My fears: Kryptonite
My Weaknesses: Pretty ladies I procrastinate too much
My perfect pizza: Pizza Hut's Super Supreme

Layer Three: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
My thoughts first thing when I wake up?: Aw man, it’s 6:30 already?
My bedtime: Between 10:00 to 12:00 though I tend to sleep earlier these days
My most missed memory: uni days

Layer Four: My picks
Pepsi or Coke: Definitely Coke
McDonald's or Burger King: I used to work at McD so, duh?
Single or Group Dates: Mostly single although I sometimes fantasize of a threesome Ha ha!
Adidas or Nike: Impossible is nothing…
Tea or Nestea: Iced tea (Is this question sponsored by Nestle or something?)
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Cappucino or Coffee:
Starbucks™' Venti Peppermint Java Chip Frappuccino Blended Coffee®

Layer Five: Do I
Smoke: For 4 years and stopped after Adam was born. Smoke again a little last year but I stopped cold turkey March this year. Never smoked again since (yay!) I’m tired of the stinking smell really.
Curse: Only when something really pissed me off (Quietly, under my breath only though). But don’t try me…
Take a shower: Twice a day
Have a crush: on Alexis Bledel, Kristin Kreuk, Kirsten Dunst, the list goes on… (yeah, dream on!)
Think I've Been In love: Still am
Go to school: Not anymore
Want to get married: Did that
Believe in myself: Hell yeah!
Think I'm a health freak: Well I want to be but I think I’m not trying hard enough

Layer Six: In the past month
Drank alcohol: Never-ever
Gone to the mall: Every pay day
Been on stage: Several time at school, once for public canning humiliation ha ha!
Eaten Sushi: Euwww yucks!
Dyed your hair: Dying hairs is only for sissies

Layer Seven: Have I ever
Played a stripping game: Does every week with wifey count? ;D
Changed who I am to fit in: Nah, they’ll have to take me for what I am

Layer Eight: Age
I am hoping to be married: Done at 24

Layer Nine : In A Girl/Guy
Best Eye Colour : Brown These particular set of
Best Hair Colour : Black questions is rather lame
Short Hair or Long Hair : Whatever dude
I don’t care really

Layer Ten: What was I doing
1 min ago: Have breakfast
1 hour ago: Drop off wifey at Komuter
4.5 hours ago: Asleep
1 month ago: Train for my space mission?
1 year ago: Quit my previous job

Layer Eleven: Finish The Sentence
I love: Wife, kid, family and Liverpool FC (plus Spongebob and Patrick of course!)
I feel: gooood when listening to my fave music
I hate: Man Utd, Chelsea and all their pathetic supporters ha ha ha!
I hide:
все мои грязные не секрет в блоге
I need: a raise (seriously boss!)

And the tagging stops here.

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