20 signs you are addicted to blogging

1. You consider getting a laptop/PDA for more convenient blogging.

2. You fall asleep at work because you are up all night blogging.....again.

3. Your first thought when anything happens is, "Oh, I can't wait to write about that in my blog."

4. Your mood for the day is determined by how many comments you received on your last post.

5. You have blog "friends" who are people you've actually never met.

6. You start signing everything with your blog address instead of your name.

7. You worry more about traffic to your blog than traffic to your job.

8. You check your blog stats a LOT, occasionally stopping from work to check.

9. You think, “I can stop at any time.”

10. Your lunch hour has become your “blog hour.”

11. You post more than 2 times a day.

12. You have more than one blog.

13. You talk to your significant other your latest blog post.

14. You get your significant other to start blogging.

15. You subscribe to more than 20 blogs.

16. First thing you do when you boot your pc is check your blog for comments/traffic stats.

17. You feel hopeless and lost without Internet connection for more than 24 hours.

18. You seriously think Blogger.com is the best thing that ever happened in your life.

19. When you find a particularly interesting blog, you'll take time to read their entire posts from start to finish.

20. You read this list to the very end!

Surely my friends, you can relate to one or two items in the list right?? :)


  1. 21. You post 20 signs you're addicted to blogging

  2. Aha! You must be number 2.. :)

  3. As for me it would be number 3,5,8, 10&11 sometimes, 16,17 and 20.


  4. You're ALIVE!!

    That's good to know :)

  5. I'm like number 1,3,4,5,16,17,18,19 sometimes 11 heh!

  6. oohh i disappear like houdini!

  7. You must be a big fan of this Houdini guy..