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23 January 2007

Somewhere around Selangor

7:30 am

Sigh, another early day at the office. As always I'm the first one to get here today. Nobody else is crazy enough to come to office this early. Not that I couldn't come later. Linda sacrificed on her part now it's my turn (?) .

Even Ujang is not here yet. So hard to find a decent eatery/restaurant around Serdang/Seri Kembangan in the morning. Usually I'll buy a pack of nasi lemak at the stall behind UPM's mosque. It's wrapped in banana keaves and the supplier made the effort to separate the head of the anchovies from it's body. I don't like eating anchovies with their head still attached. The sambal is good too. A bit spicy, just to my liking. Sometimes I'll stop by another stall at padang. There the nasi lemak is also quite good and there's more variety of lauk to choose from. Normally I'll have it with ayam goreng berempah (my fave) or sambal kerang (also my fave). But normally we don't have the time to stop anywhere let alone do a detour to padang so I didn't go there often.

My other option is to have nasi lemak at Restoran Nizam. At first the food was quite allright over there but then the quality detiorates with time. Gradually even their nasi lemak is served cold. Today they stopped serving fresh nasi lemak all together and made those little nasi lemak packs wrapped in brown paper which is quite tasteless. That's why sometimes I went to Wakaf Jelira another restaurant located some 2 blocks away from my office. The owner hails from Kelantan and there, they serve nasi lemak plus nasi kerabu. Nasi kerabu is that blue-ish coloured rice mixed with vegetables and a few more stuff made of fish. The odd thing was, the nasi kerabu served at Wakaf Jelira does not have that special brown sambal that usually goes together will regular nasi kerabu. When I ask the owner where's the sambal she just said: "What sambal? You'll just eat that with some budu.." So I thought okay, budu is great with nasi kerabu but I still want my sambal! No nasi kerabu is complete without that special sambal. Nevertheless I did eat her nasi kerabu a couple more times before I got tired of it. Before this i usually have breakfast with Ujang at Sithik Maju restaurant located right behind our office. The roti canai there is okay but the nasi lemak is absolutely dreadful! What's more the place is cleanliness is questionable so I stopped going there all together today.

8:15 am

Waited this long for somebody to unlock the doors. Usually Ujang would come by 8:00 am or Abang Din will show up with his Kawasaki ZZR another 15 minutes later. There's about 8 people who holds they key to my office but normally only two of them come early. Once I asked Abang Din for my own set ok keys so I can come early everyday and not wait for everybody to come before I can go in. Like always his answer would be: "you're not even confirmed yet, so you can't hold any keys..". Always the same not-confirmed excuse. I can't take any AL cause I'm not confirmed, I have to come early after Raya cause I'm not confirmed, I can't use the toilet cause I'm not confirmed, yak yak yak yakk. I know he's just kidding with me but sometimes I just took it personally what Abang Din said. I felt I've contributed so much to the company. I did my job well, never say no to what my boss asked me to do, I'm always the earliest staff to come to office everyday not to mention I just took 3 days of leaves (no mcs) the whole 5 months of working here. If that's not good enough then I don't know what is.

8:20 am

If I didn't stop anywhere, I'll have my packed nasi lemak or whatever I bought on the way to office. Then I will check my e-mails, check out my Friendster's page, read the news and read a few people's blog.

8:30 am

Made my daily morning visit to the rest room. On the way there I usually met Hanum or Ipah or Hany and make fun or tease them a bit untill they started yelling at me ha ha! Just kidding. I do tease them once or twice a day but nothing too serious. It's just me, I can't help teasing my female co-workers.

9:00 am

By this time then I finally check my IN letter tray for any work to be done. Today for example we recieved a distress call from a company in Subang saying one of their pc is attacked by spywares. So I thought owh okay, spywares shouldn't be a problem for me. I ate spywares for dessert, it's just peanuts.

10:00 to 11:00 am

I can go to the clients office at 9:00 am but then I'll be stuck in a traffic jam on the LDP for hours. It's simply not productive to go out early only to get stuck in traffic jams. So I hang around a bit more just waiting for the right moment to blast off. But I do go out early if my boss is around in the morning :).

11:30 am

Arrived in Subang. The client's office is located on the 2nd floor so I had to climb a few stairs up. Found the pc and true enough it was infected with some nasty spywares. First task: find the name of the spyware so I can get the neccessary programme to remove it. Turned out this spyware is so wicked, it doesn't even has a name! I clicked on the bleeping icon but nothing come out. Usually spywares will open a browser window directing us to the manufacturer's web site. Hmm, think I'll check for viruses first.

11:45 am

This pc is infested with viruses! Updated their TrendMicro and found 1011 infected files. TrendMicro antivirus software to me is a real waste of money. Sure they can detect all the latest viruses but they can't clean or delete most of the infected files. Out of 1011 found, only 121 infected files was cleaned or deleted. If you ask me, I'd use McAfee antivirus anytime. It can detect and clean/delete most viruses and all the cool geeks out there are using it. Later I tried installing my copy of McAfee but halfway through, the pc just freezes. Running two antivirus softwares concurrently on the same pc is generally a bad idea. I didn't remove TrendMicro cause it'll mean I'll have to re-install it again later, meaning I have to ask for the cd or worst find the web address to install it from their server. I'm pretty sure they don't know where the TrendMicro cd is or what's the address in the server.

12:00 pm

By this time I started cursing and swearing quietly inside my head. While browsing the Internet for some online virus scan I found out what probably caused all the viruses and the spywares in the first place. Looks like somebody lurves to visit porn sites at work! You pervert @#$%&*!. I felt like nak campak jer pc tu kat bawah but come to think of it, people normally don't like someone else throwing their 3000 ringgit pc around let alone out the window. So I continued working quietly and forget about doing anything drastic to my client's pc. So typical of them using the internet to visit unruly websites and downloading just about anything (wallpapers, screensavers, e-mail attachments) without even thinking what it could do to their pc. The owner even had the audacity to tell me: "pasang antivirus yang bagus sikit la, yang tu tak cukup power - asyik kena virus ngan spyware je.." Well, it wouldn't be polite to blurt it out to his face what i think of him so I just grinned a little and get on with my job.

12:35 pm

I came to the conclusion that his pc is beyond repair and needs to be formatted again.Also finished scanning the pc and found out that their main server is also infected with a few hundred viruses. Looks like I have to clean up their server first before I can do anything with his pc. Since most pcs in the company is connected to the server, I'm pretty sure most of them are infected. Gawd this is getting heavy.

1:00 pm

My tummy is growling. The only restaurant in sight is the one located next door. I joined some of their staff for lunch since they asked. WHAT! NO CHICKEN? Apparently the cook didn't include chicken on the menu today or maybe I just come to early. So I end up having beef rendang instead. I'm so tired of eating beef nowadays but if not I would have to eat fish.. yucks!

2:00 pm

Zohor and up to the server room. I was shocked to learn that their are still using Windows NT Server. Like my great grandma used to use that OS a few decades ago but nobody uses that on their server anymore today! Furthermore their McAfee Netshield antivirus programme was never updated so it's quite useless. No wonder all the viruses ar having a ball on their network.

2:15 pm

Can't update the antivirus on their server. Somehow it couldn't connect to the McAfee's FTP site. Managed to update McAfee on their server using the Streamyx pc next to it though. Started scanning for viruses, 1870 files scanned and counting.

2:34 pm

Soooooo cold in the server room and I can't simply turn down the air cond just like that. It's like I'm stuck here in Antartica with only my shirts on. 5600 files scanned so far. No idea how long this will take. Think I'll read some more blogs and pretend to be Cicakman.

This is how it looks like inside the server room. Happy feet even came long to keep me company.

4:09 pm

Busted! Guess my acting as Cicakman got a bit too far. My IP address must have given me away :P .This cold server room must have affected my brain.

5:25 pm

74500 freaking files scanned and still counting! This has to stop. I hate leaving my work halfway through but else I'll have to wait for like a few more hours. Not to mention I'll have to format that guy's pc and re-install windows, office and everything. I'll finish by midnight if I'm lucky.

5:33 pm

Thank God for Bujal! I called him and he said I could just leave and let him take care of everything later next week. Bujal is like very close with this company so he came here all the time to fix stuff. So I packed my stuff and were ready to leave. Plus the client's office closes at 6:00 pm anyway, there's no way I could finish my work there today.

5:35 pm

Got a call from another associate company in Bukit Damansara. Said something about fixing their notebook. ARE YOU CRAZY?? It's already 5:30 and I got to pick up my wife by 6. So I said I could come on Thursday but he said it's a personal notebook so I can't come during office hours. In the end I said I'll try my best to come. Truth is I don't really wanna go cause it would mean I had to traverse through LDP to Damansara Heights which is really insane during rush hours like this. Sure stuck in traffic jam one.

6:03 pm

Sure enough I'm currently stuck in traffic jam near Kelana Jaya. Called the company in Damansara Heights meaning to say I won't make it but somehow my tongue said something else like I'm coming there now, just wait a bit more ya.."

6:12 pm

Made it safe and sound to Damansara Heights. Turned out it's the CEO's pc that needed fixing. Lost it's soundcard driver. Download the river from, install and fix the printer connection at another pc.

6:28 pm

Finished my job and the CEO said "Jom I belanja Domino's Pizza kat bawah". Tempting but I said no thanks since I really have to pick up wifey before she turns ballistic. Maybe next time.

Fuel cost from Subang to Damansara Heights = RM6.00, fixing his notebook and the printer connection = free, gaining his trust and making him owe me one = priceless.

7:15 pm

Stopped at a mosque somewhere near Jalan 222. Just in time for my Asar prayer. Forgive me God, should have done it earlier.

7:30 pm

Finally pick up wifey at Wisma O'connors. Lucky for me she's in a good mood today.

8:15 pm

Pick up Adam and got home in Serdang.

9:10 pm

Have dinner with family.

9:45 pm

Damn, I left my 2GB thumb drive at Damansara Heights.

And that's what my typical day looks like. .

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