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Yesterday was a sad day for legions of Liverpool FC supporters world wide. Just 3 days after we were dumped out of the FA Cup by Arsenal at home, the team had a 6-3 beating by Arsenal also at Anfield. Of course we were disappointed. People used to call it Fortress Anfield a few decades ago. Now it's more like the hut of Anfield since we've been beaten there so many times already.

My idol and inspiration, captain fantastic: Steven Gerard (right)

It's easy to point fingers and put the blame on the manager, Rafa Benitez and demand his head on the chopping block. But had we done that every time we lost, we'd probably never experience something like Instanbul 2005 . I still remember vividly the night (and morning) of Istanbul 2005. Just getting to the final was a incredible feat by itself since we were never expected to beat the likes of money-laden Chelsea or start-studded Juventus along the way. We we're definitely underdogs back then. Most people it's sheer luck that we even get to the final. But luck didn't play any part on that unforgettable night. I watched with grim faces as we were trailing 3 to nil to AC Milan at half time. I felt like going to bed there and then and dare not watch any more my favourite team being soundly beaten by Milan. I almost gave up hope of us winning anything but something made me stay up that morning and watch the team turn around the game and come back to equalize to 3 all by the final whistle. And then when we finally won on penalties, I was estactic! Never in my life had I felt so happy for anything. I screamed and cheered when Jerzy Dudek saved that final penalty (and woke up my baby son in the process) and cried tears of joy as we sang along to You'll Never Walk Alone at the end. Absolutely fantastic.

UEFA Champions League Champions 2005

And back to the present day. I don't think Liverpool is going to win the Premiership this season looking at United and Chelsea's incredible form and consistency. I pray that we would beat Barcelona in the Champions League next and make it all the way to the final and Make Us Dream again.

A true Liverpool fan and supporter would stay through thick and thin, joy and despair and not desert the team when they're losing. I knew lot of people around me who started supporting Manchester United when they were winning a lot of titles and cups in the 90s only to change to Arsenal when they start losing. Today a lot of people supports Chelsea ever since Mr Abromovich bought success with millions of his rubbles. And then some people I knew supported Real Madrid just because they bought David Beckham for goodness sake! I've been supporting the Reds ever since my school days, whether or not they won a cup or two or just finish the season empty handed with a dismal position in the league. I've supported them all the way in 2005 and I will definitely support them after that 6-3 thrashing by Arsenal.

My mates singing "You'll never walk alone"

Like one supporter said:

"Any other team 4-1 down at half time would have seen a half empty ground for the second half, and at 5-1 down the manager would have probably been sitting on the bench on his own! Not us though, we stayed to the end and we sang our song. It's what makes us unique and sets us apart from the rest. When the players take a beating like they did tonight we show them that they are not alone and they'll never walk alone. There's no other club like it."

Chesil, liverpoolfc.tv message boards

It's not a disaster, it's more like a setback and we'll keep on walking with hopes in our heart..

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