Goodbye Kak Ita

Yesterday, an unfortunate turn of event happened at my office. For some reason, our HRA staff Kak Ita resigned on a 24 hours notice. From what I heard she had a major argument with our boss, heated words were exchanged and tempers flared. Next thing you know she's gone by lunch time. I don't want to comment about the incident but her departure is a great loss to the company. Now who will process our salary and claims? God knows when our salary will come in this month and the next until they found a replacement, sigh. Whatever it is I'd like to say so long and farewell to Kak Ita, you'd been a good colleague and friend. Your absence will be missed. No else make as much noise such as you and the 2nd floor will be quiet without you. Goodbye Kak Ita and we wish you luck in whatever you do.

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  1. farewell kak ita..may u find other better job elsewhere..