Last Monday I went to see this house we're thinking of renting in Taman Universiti, Seri Kembangan. The house is two storey but it's quite small on the inside. The place is quite a mess with rubbish strewn all over the place and the owner gave no hint of wanting to clean up the place a bit. Maybe he has no time or he's just simply lazy. The rent is very reasonable though and from what I understand we don't have to pay any deposit except for electric and water and that's like too good to be true! Either he's really desperate or there's a catch somewhere. Guess we'll have to wait and see. Personally I'd prefer a home in Bandar Kinrara since it's closer to Linda's office and not too far away from mine either. I can like send her to work every morning and pick her up later in the evening. We found a lot of vacant homes at BK4/10 and 9 but the problem is there's not a single For Rent sign anywhere. What's wrong with all these people man? They don't want money or what? This weekend we'll probably go there one last time to see if there's any vacancy.

I received another interview letter from SPA again last week. It's my third interview offer for the last 12 month. The thing is, I've had a few forgettable experience with government work interviews before. They call you up for an interview, and give you so much hope like they're so impressed with you during the interview and BANG! a few weeks later you get this sorry-but-you're-not-good-enough-to-work-with-us acknowledgement letter. Interviews I can handle, it's the dissapointment that sucks. Most probably I won't go to this interview at the end of the month. I'm quite content with my job right now and it's their fault they didn't hire me then in the first place. I could have been great over there you know and made a massive contribution to the people and country but now it's their waste ha ha!.

On a lighter note, my good friend Bujal is currently on a rigorous dieting regime. He fasts almost every single day of the week and only ate like twice a day. He said he wanted to loose some serious weight before his wedding so that he won't break the pelamin - ha ha ha! can you believe that? He may be a little chubby and unattractive but he's got a kind heart inside. His knowledge of computers and servers is way beyond most IT expert I know and he's always generous to share his knowledge with me or anyone else for that matter. I've learned loads of stuff from him ever since I started working here. But I can't ask him to go to lunch to together now, it's either he's fasting or he's still not hungry! I have to saspek you la Bujal, but believe me it won't work. You might shed a few kilos right now but once you're tired of all of that, you'll start eating like normal again and the kilos will come back. Eating less alone will not do, you've got to exercise man! Anyway I wish you all the best with your diet. Just don't forget us when you're slim and handsome someday arr!

Hello handsome!

Last week I was involved with another relocation exercise with Puncak Niaga. This time it's not as much work as the previous one. Only a total of 189 boxes to deal with. Still, there's one more department over there at See Hoy Chan who haven't moved yet so I guess we'll be waiting for the next exercise then. Eventhough I didn't have to carry a single damn box it's still tiring to go up and down the building making sure everything is counted for. I suppose in a small company like ours, you just do whatever the boss asks you to, no questions asked. Sigh.

Me and the guys sharing a light moment together

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