McDonald's days

For four years from 2000 to 2004, I worked as a part time crew at McDonald's next to Uda Ocean in KL.

from left Syukri, Manesa, Amir and moi

Four years of working there, I learnt a lot of stuff especially about the inner working of McDonald's and the store operation. I also learned some important lesson on life. How hard it is to earn a living for yourself and valuable lessons on love and friendship. It was there also where I met my other half, Sharifah Haslinda.

Linda like the first time I met her

I started working on March 2000. I was specifically looking for a job at any McDonald's at that time. Probably because I liked McD very much and prefer them over the other fast food joints. There was no McDonald's outlet yet in Serdang back then and the one at Mines had no vacancy so I rode around town (Kajang to KL) with my bike looking for a McDonald's restaurant. I went to Jalan Silang, Wisma Thrifty, Amcorp Mall, Sunway Pyramid, Dayabumi and several more before ending my search that day at Uda Ocean KL. I was tired like hell that day so I thought this would be my last try. I still remember my interview with Abang Sudin the assistant store manager that fine evening. My hand was still in bandages from my first bike accident so he must have felt sorry for me back then.

Don't i look like a school boy with that ugly shirt and tie?

All the other McDonald's told me to fill up the application form and said they'll call me if there's any vacancy. But at that Uda Ocean branch, Abang Sudin held an impromptu interview with me there and then. I'm pretty sure there's no vacancy at the store at that time but Abang Sudin was one of those people who's really good at judging people and knows a quality signing when he sees one (like me :) ). So we chatted for a while and he asked if I can work with my hand still like that. I said of course, it's just a little scratch and it'll heal in no time. The truth was my hand still hurt like hell and it's another two week before I took out the bandages. Guess I needed the money that desperately back then.

Linda together with one of our favourite manager Piah

I was hired on the spot by Abang Sudin and started working like 2 days later. Although the pay was dirt cheap, at least I get to eat for free once a day. And if I do closing, I get to eat a little bit more (depending on who's the manager in charge). I learned a lot of stuff about a McDonald's restaurant operation and soon I know everything about McDonald's like the back of my hand. Although the store was supposed to be air-conditioned, it's always hot and humid in the kitchen. That's where I spent most of my time at. Of course sometimes I took care of the lobby but never the counter. Abang Sudin thought my dashing good look would distract the customers ha ha! Truth was, I was never confident talking to people so I just avoided manning the counter all together.

My friend Siti Nur Kamisah with that manager who got sack cause he err, borrowed too much from the counter - Fazly.

It's a common knowledge that McDonald's makes the best burger and fries around. My favourite McD menu would be a double cheeseburger or a prosperity burger. The fried chicken used to taste awful but after they started preparing the chicken in the store, it tastes slightly better now. My housemates would look forward for me coming home from closing shifts cause they knew I would always bring back leftovers food from the store. My managers are generally kind and most of them would let us take back unsold food stuff home. Only a handful of them like most of the Store Managers or some goody two-shoe managers won't let us do that and they'd rather throw them away than let us have them.

Still great friends: Manesa

I was living with my UPM housemates in Taman Desa Serdang then, some 24 km away from the store so I had to commute to and fro some 3-4 days a week on my bike through rain or shine. It took an average of 18 to 25 minutes to get there though with my trusted bike. Working right smack in the middle of KL has it's share of benefit like for example I get to know a lot of the roads and places in KL from my experience visiting numerous McDonald's store getting stuff for the store.

And we had these crew meeting every month so that we can eat and hang out and listen to some mundane stuff from the management and sometimes we played some silly games together.

Look what we made those poor kids do while playing games at a crew meeting. I'd rather die than wear those ha ha ha!

Sometimes the crew meeting was held outdoors usually at Taman Tasik Perdana nearby. Most of the crew there was younger than me and some were just out of school but I mixed well with all of them regardless cause it's no harm making friends with everybody rite?

Linda joined the store about a year later. She just looked so cute in her uniform. She didn't like me very much at first cause I was this scary bald guy who kept bugging her. And then several month later she started to accept me after my relentless persistence (and charm) and they rest, like they say is history.

My good buddy and partner in crime: Zaidi

I made a few good friends at McDonald's like Zaidi, Manesa and Zack. Even after 6 years we still keep in touch and sometimes hang out together at the store. Working at a fast food restaurant such as McD requires a lot of hard work and sometimes we just get so tired and grumpy not to mention dealing with a few of those crappy/fussy managers. But the gang and I always had a way to cheer up the place you know, cracking jokes, helping each other out and watching our backs. We often work together on the closing shift and I would always bring my audio cds to the store and play it really loud through the PA system and we would sing out loud while working our ass out at the store. We were still tired in the end but at least we're tired and happy. I could never forget those late night singing/fun times together at the store.

The gang at Gabai waterfall in Hulu Langat

Today, I'm still grateful to McDonald's Uda Ocean for giving me a valuable experience while working there all those time. It was a life changing experience for me and had I worked somewhere else, I might have not met Linda and found the love of my life. Thank you McD, thanks for the experience - I'm still lovin' every minute of it.


  1. bestnyer biler ingat zaman2 dulu..
    thanks for a wonderful time..
    p/s :biler nak g mkn prosperity free nie

  2. Fif, aku nak order Big Mac lapan, ayam goreng tiga, apple pie empat, arrr apa tu burger ikan tu lima pastu air sirap gelas besar dua okeh? hantar rumah aku kat Bota kiri ni boleh?

  3. Eh roti canai tanak ke? Kite ader wat special roti canai prosperity cicah kicap punya.